v0.8.4 released

0.8.4 [2009-09-26]

  • new feature: support for primitive macros (batch files), playback only
  • new plugin: change sample rate
  • using libsamplerate (new dependency)
  • new feature: sample rate conversion on clipboard data
  • new feature: abillity to set recording start time in advance
    (feature requested by John David Thompson)
  • bugfix: drag&drop of files on the main window was broken
  • workaround for bug in id3lib which crashed in ID3_Tag::GetSize()
    with some MP3 files (see id3lib upstream bug at SF #2821464)
  • bugfix: recording via ALSA, crash on snd_pcm_close(),
    see SF bug #2816544
  • bugfix: playback plugin: infinite loop when switching from OSS to ALSA
  • bugfix: forcing clipboard and drag&drop data to uncompressed mode
  • bugfix: deadlock in progress bar handling
  • bugfix: crash when unloading plugins with queued events
  • help/about dialog: hide "translators" tab if no translator available
  • help/about dialog: hack to allow web addresses of translators
  • bugfix: selection was not set after "paste" and undo of other operations
  • bugfix: label handling in context of "delete" and "undo" was broken
  • bugfix: invalidation of overview cache after delete was not correct
  • bugfix: artefacts in track display in min/max overview mode
  • bugfix: add/delete/modify of labels did not set the state of the
    current file to "modified"
  • bugfix: record dialog caused shutdown to hang when closed while recording
  • bugfix: decoding 32bit/sample was broken
  • bugfix: recording level meter consumed 100% cpu
  • new make target: "make apidoc" for internal doxygen documentation
  • bugfix: some images and icons in non-english documentation were missing
  • volume plugin: preview was not updated on first use of plugin
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-09-27

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