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InspIRCd 1.2 enters beta

Happy Birthday!

It's been six years since the year 2002 - when the dot com bubble collapsed, people started realising that maybe Visual Basic did suck, and InspIRCd was concieved, and I think we've come a long long way, both in terms of technology, people, and not to mention stability.

From no users at all, to over 130 servers (estimated).

From dodgy meshing that only worked over localhost to full fledged spanning-tree links using all the modern concepts of IRC, and then a few of our own (such as metadata).... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-09-30

1.1.21 and 1.2.0a6 released with enhanced windows support

The latest release in the stable 1.1 series has been released, consisting of a number of internal fixes for increased reliability and performance.

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED release.

Fixes include problems with Anope support, m_ident sometimes not correctly resolving ident, OpenSSL connections terminating when they shouldn't, corruption on /map output, silent SVSHOLD (no more annoying notices), and U:Lines may now deoper users without resorting to /kill (so defender's secureoper functionality will work properly).... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-08-29

1.1.20 and 1.2.0a4 double release

1.1.20 follows up with the latest fixes of the maintenence release. It is a HIGHLY RECOMENDED upgrade for all 1.1.19 (and prior) users, as it addresses a number of client compatibility and general stability fixes.

1.2+a4 includes a number of mostly internal changes and fixes from a3, and is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED upgrade for all current 1.2 users (things change very fast with 1.2 at the moment).

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-06-08

InspIRCd 1.1.18 security release

InspIRCd 1.1.18 is now available for download, the latest of the stable 1.1.x series. This release rolls together a number of major (and minor) fixes, some critical which may cause crashes under some conditions.

Also include is a new module, m_ldapauth, for authenticating against an LDAP directory server. This module was based on the module written by Stskeeps for the (now defunct) Unreal 4, with a few changes to make it more secure.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-03-29

InspIRCd version 1.1.16 released

1.1.16 has been released, after a long christmas break (thankfully also the result of pretty much no major problems..)

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED upgrade, as it contains a performance fix related to linking.

We do have a few fixes to roll out however, such as servers occasionally going 'missing' during problems while trying to link. This will be of most importance to unstable networks or ones with lots of splits with autoconnect, and should enhance performance and stability greatly.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-01-16

InspIRCd 1.1.13 released

The latest in the 1.1.x stable line (1.1.13) has been released, featuring a number of stability fixes. This also includes SVSPART, at the request of the Anope team, SSL fixes, as well as various other bits and pieces.

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED upgrade to anyone running anything prior to 1.1.13 (so, upgrade, doh ;p)

Sorry for the delay in getting this one out, but everyone seems to have gone and gotten a real life the past month - so things have been a little slow. We'll do our best to whip people back into shape and make sure they have no such thing as a real life shortly.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-09-29

InspIRCd 1.1.11 released

Since 1.1 was branched off as stable, this release is all about fixing bugs and making InspIRCd more stable.

This release takes care of some remote desyncs, fixing reload of some modules that would fail and also correctly detects any faulty cloak keys. You might have to upgrade your cloak keys if m_cloak now fails to load.

The services module was fixed up for nickchanges of same case and a new module m_close introduces the oper command /CLOSE, which quits off all unregistered client connections.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-07-29

InspIRCd 1.1.9 released

a recommended upgrade for everyone, and especially if you have been experiencing crashes in spanningtree during a netburst.

Alot of bugfixes went into this release along with some general optimisations to further improve server performance. 1.1.9 Also introduces a new oper command to spanningtree: /RSQUIT - after this release, using SQUIT to de-link remote servers will be deprecated and removed. This means added security for your oper blocks, since you can now seperate access to SQUIT and RSQUIT.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-06-17

InspIRCd 1.1.8 with native windows support released

InspIRCd 1.1.8 is now available, containing loads of stuff. We're a little overdue on this one, we planned a release last weekend, but we ran out of time, and wanted more testing, and so we put it off until this week.

1.1.8 is the first release in the 1.1.x branch to include Windows support, and the first inspircd release ever to compile natively, not with cygwin. This isn't guaranteed stable, of course, as it's such a new addition. We'd class the windows version as 'beta'. It should work, but it might blow up in your face.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-05-26

InspIRCd version 1.1.5 released

Today marks the release of InspIRCd 1.1.5, our most feature-packed, advanced and amazing release to date. As well as the normal wealth of fixes and tweaks usually found in InspIRCd, we have added an m_jumpserver module (allows you to redirect users to another server), m_seenicks (allows you to see when users change nickname as a snomask), added the ability for users to see the SSL cipher theyre using when they use OpenSSL or GnuTLS connections, added a 'silent' option to ulines so that their connects and quits from the uline can be hidden, added extra details to /MAP for opers (latency and link uptime information), added hidden servers option (like hiding ulines, but you can hide any server you want so you can conceal sections of the network), and finally extra support for servers on dynamic IP addresses.... read more

Posted by peaveydk 2007-04-08

InspIRCd version 1.1.4 released.

Another week, and another stable release for InspIRCd! After the success of our bugday (thanks dmb) we are pleased to announce the latest in the line of InspIRCd 1.1 release servers, codenamed 'Norvegia'. (Yes, this is again the name of a cheese...)

This version contains many fixes for various bugs, and is a recommended upgrade for those running previous versions. Some of the fixed issues include a crash when linking over gnutls using ipv6, also the code which handles large data transfers over SSL has been improved, meaning that SSL now scales better for server to server links. Extra features have been added to m_blockcaps to specify which letters count as capital letters, and several minor bugs in the server to server protocol (NICK message from non-inspircd servers) have been made more stable.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-03-25

InspIRCd v1.1.0-cheese released!

After a successful and tumultuous release for 1.1.0-diamond, a few issues were noticed - namely, ./inspircd rehash caused a crash if configuration errors were present, plus a few other miscellaneous issues here and there, such as with m_ident.

We spent some time squashing these, and adding a few minor feature requests, and the result is here now, the latest in the stable line of ircd, 1.1.1-cheese.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-02-10

InspIRCd v1.1.0-diamond released!


For those of you who don't know what InspIRCd is yet, it is a scaleable, high performance expandable IRC server package, which offers many of the features of other IRC servers in a well designed modular form.

The 1.0 release was a mistake. We apologise most sincerely for that. 1.1 is what 1.0 should have been, but we rushed. With segfaults pouring in, along with hard to replicate bugs, we sat back and took stock. 1.1 is the culmination of the process that began with 1.0's stabilisation, around 1.0.7. We ripped out the faulty parts of the linking protocol (primarily channel synchronisation and mode handling between links), we ripped out the mode parser, we ripped out the line handler. We ripped out large tracts of hard to understand, or hard to maintain code and worked them over, rewrote them, killing off bugs and opportuities for bugs.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-02-01

InspIRCd v1.1.0-beta9-finale released!

Hi all,

Back to the norm, another beta pops out of the womb today, fresh, hot, babylike and ready for use by YOU now! beta9-finale is now available for download.

No major changes this release, mostly minor tweaks and fixes found by our persistant testers (thanks psychon for some last minute ones), thanks go to peavey for adding sqlite support, DNS caching was introduced by Brain, and a few desync fixes with SVSJOIN, LUSERS counts and other items. This release is an OPTIONAL upgrade for b7 and b8 users.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-01-20

InspIRCd v1.1.0-beta8-hamster released!

Hi again!

In keeping with our frenetic beta release schedules, beta8 is now available for public consumption.

This is primarily introducing a number of speed related changes in keeping with out testing and profiling, the main advantages of this should be seen on larger networks, but even smaller ones should note that CPU time consumed by the inspircd process is now staying quite low. Kudos to Brain, peavey and myself on this one. :p... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-01-03

InspIRCd v1.1.0-beta7-crux released!

Another week, another beta... this time containing mostly fixes, and a few optimisations. m_blockcaps is now optionally configurable, ISON is now canonised for clients with broken use of ISON, like trillian, /restart is fixed (old bug Tongue), +J can be removed correctly, plus other miscellaneous fixes.

b7 is a STRONGLY recommended upgrade, as it contains a number of crash fixes.

We hope you had a nice christmas, and enjoy your new year.

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-01-03

InspIRCd v1.1.0-beta6-juletre released!


We've been a little quiet on the releases front lately, but that's a good thing: it means that not too much has been blowing up!

Still, we've got a new beta ready for your festive enjoyment, primarily containing minor fixes, major optimisation, and other goodies. Major points of this release are a rewritten m_watch (an estimated 20x more efficient), more efficient handling of socket errors (particularly noticable for large networks), a rewritten m_helpop, less random deopping on server linking, SSL server-to-server linking, ziplinks for server-to-server links, numerous fixes and tweaks.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2006-12-17

InspIRCd 1.1.0 beta 4 released.

After three weeks of feverish programming, bug hunting, and beating developers with paddles and rakes (just kidding!) we are pleased to bring you InspIRCd 1.1.0 Beta 4! This new version contains some small new features (as always) and many many fixes and tweaks, including a more optimal socket system.

As always you can obtain full information and downloads from our website at and the download page for the project at

Posted by Craig Edwards 2006-10-31

Three new packages released (1.1.0b3, 1.0.7src, 1.0.7win32)

As we continue to support our current stable versions, we're releasing InspIRCd version 1.0.7. This is going to be one of the (or maybe even THE) last of the 1.0 stable branch, as we slowly move along to 1.1. This version comes with an all new Win32 build, apologies for a lack of these over the past few versions, this strange Real Life thing has been getting in the way of things ;)

Yet another 1.1 beta is also out, following the 1.1.0 release philosophy of 'release early, release often'. So what goodies come with it?... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2006-10-07

InspIRCd 1.1.0 beta 2 released

The beta period has started, with a surprisingly good beginning. Some bugs were found, bug most of the changes from beta1 to beta2 are insignificant, or small features.

One major improvement is the addition of binary versioning to modules. What does this mean? It means you will be warned if you try and load incompatible modules (which may cause crashes) - a definite plus.

A minor incompatibility with atheme trunk (which caused a spurious warning on startup of atheme) has been rectified, opermd5 now actually works again, and two possible crashes in server to server linking have been fixed.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2006-10-01

InspIRCd 1.1.x QA Call for Help


The time has come where we're starting to polish off the corners of 1.1, wrap up the last of the feature requests, and get down to the heavy business of testing and releasing what will be the biggest InspIRCd release to date, 1.1.

1.0 was, and still is a well performing IRCd, and provides an unequalled API for modules, but resting on laurels will get us nowhere, and so a number of months ago, we forked off 1.1 development to clean things up, add features, functionality, and clear up a few fundamental problems 1.0 experienced, including a number of design elements left over from when InspIRCd was C.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2006-08-28

InspIRCd 1.0.6-Moose Released!

The culmination of a number of ongoing fixes and patches, 1.0.6 is the logical extension for 1.0.5 - including a CRITICAL fix for a bug in timed bans. All users are urged to upgrade immediately.

In other news, we are releasing a technology preview of our 1.1 branch - totally unsupported, won't link to services, and not done yet - but feel free to take a look on a TEST network. If you run this in production, you are insane.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2006-07-30

InspIRCd 1.0.5 released

At last we are able to bring you version 1.0.5 of InspIRCd.

InspIRCd 1.0.5 not only has many fixes, optimizations and all the usual smart tricks people have come to expect from us, but we have new stuff this time around too!

Namely, we have three major new features:

* Optional username (ACCOUNT) support - ACCOUNT support operates in an identical way to ircu, asuka and nefarious (and others of this ilk) by attaching a username to each user when they log in rather than using usermode +r. As is normal with InspIRCd, this is a module, you must choose between (normal usermode +r) or (name based accounts). At present, one services package can use this account feature, Atheme IRC Services.
* Advanced connection throttling - This module ( provides InspIRCd with an equivalent feature to the UnrealIRCd ConnThrottle module (which you have to pay for, if you use theirs). Of course, as is expected with InspIRCd, our version is free.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2006-07-04

1.0.4 Release Is Finally Here!

We have finally fixed the last of the niggling bugs in 1.0.3, and are proud to present the 1.0.4 release of InspIRCd. The 1.0.4 release fixes many bugs, which will improve the stability of any network running InspIRCd. It is recommended that any network running InspIRCd upgrade to 1.0.4 as soon as possible, to take advantage of these fixes.

A changelog of these fixes is listed below.

Please note that as of 1.0.4, there will be two parallel release 'branches' of InspIRCd. The 1.0.x release branch will concentrate only on fixes, there will be no more feature changes to 1.0.x, and the module API and server to server protocol will be feature-frozen. The 1.1.x branch however, will contain new features, and is likely to undergo change. Those of you wishing to see the latest and greatest innovations (which is admittedly where most of our changes in the past two months have been) should check out the 1.1 branch of InspIRCd in our ViewSVN Repository under 'trunk'.... read more

Posted by Robin Burchell 2006-05-30

InspIRCd 1.0.0-stable released

At last, after over three years of development, InspIRCd has finally reached 1.0-Final! The 1.0-Final release marks the point where we consider InspIRCd ready for production use on production networks, with enough features to be usable on any network from one user to ten thousand and above. For those of you who don't know what InspIRCd is yet, it is a scaleable, high performance expandable IRC server package, which offers many of the features of other IRC servers in a well designed modular form.... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2006-02-01

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