InspIRCd version 1.1.5 released

Today marks the release of InspIRCd 1.1.5, our most feature-packed, advanced and amazing release to date. As well as the normal wealth of fixes and tweaks usually found in InspIRCd, we have added an m_jumpserver module (allows you to redirect users to another server), m_seenicks (allows you to see when users change nickname as a snomask), added the ability for users to see the SSL cipher theyre using when they use OpenSSL or GnuTLS connections, added a 'silent' option to ulines so that their connects and quits from the uline can be hidden, added extra details to /MAP for opers (latency and link uptime information), added hidden servers option (like hiding ulines, but you can hide any server you want so you can conceal sections of the network), and finally extra support for servers on dynamic IP addresses.

A full changelog can be found on our site, as well as downloads, at or here on sourceforge at

Posted by peaveydk 2007-04-08

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