InspIRCd version 1.1.16 released

1.1.16 has been released, after a long christmas break (thankfully also the result of pretty much no major problems..)

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED upgrade, as it contains a performance fix related to linking.

We do have a few fixes to roll out however, such as servers occasionally going 'missing' during problems while trying to link. This will be of most importance to unstable networks or ones with lots of splits with autoconnect, and should enhance performance and stability greatly.

Rehash will also now bind new server ports, an addition that has been a long time in the coming.

Along with that, m_mysql should no longer chomp so hard on the CPU of the servers it runs on.

In addition to these and a few other fix, we have one additional feature, backported from the 1.2 development tree: <goodchan>. Goodchan explicitly allows users to join channels that are otherwise banned by a <badchan> mask.

For example:
<badchan name="*">
<goodchan name="#mychannel">
would not allow users to join any channel except #mychannel.

I'll post a followup on what's going on with 1.2 on the blog real soon. Until then, enjoy the release.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2008-01-16

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