InspIRCd version 1.1.4 released.

Another week, and another stable release for InspIRCd! After the success of our bugday (thanks dmb) we are pleased to announce the latest in the line of InspIRCd 1.1 release servers, codenamed 'Norvegia'. (Yes, this is again the name of a cheese...)

This version contains many fixes for various bugs, and is a recommended upgrade for those running previous versions. Some of the fixed issues include a crash when linking over gnutls using ipv6, also the code which handles large data transfers over SSL has been improved, meaning that SSL now scales better for server to server links. Extra features have been added to m_blockcaps to specify which letters count as capital letters, and several minor bugs in the server to server protocol (NICK message from non-inspircd servers) have been made more stable.

A full changelog can be found on our site, as well as downloads, at or here on sourceforge at

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-03-25