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AD Lockouts and Bad Password Detection / Blog: Recent posts

Right then...

I can't begin to describe how many things were wrong with the last build I published, but I think I'm on to a winner with Still lots of GUI updates to do (and lots of functionality to add), but in it's present state it will identify the Windows machine a bad password attempt was registered from and do some basic digging (i.e. get logon sessions, scheduled tasks and services that are running as the offending account). ... read more

Posted by Paul Bailey 2013-02-24


.....lots of problems with the recent builds I've put out there. The biggest problem of them all is it just plain didn't work. I've having a lot of issues converting WMI > DateTime > WMI times again (something lost in translation with universal times). I also managed to get the app to spawn around 300+ threads when querying DCs - not good really.

For the minute I've put the original build of ADLockouts as the default. If you do want to try and get one of the other builds to work, take a poke around the files section.... read more

Posted by Paul Bailey 2013-02-17

...more Alpha builds.

The code rewrite is at the point where the software is buggy but usable, so I've decided to start publishing builds on here. There are a few benefits to this, but chief amongst them is that it makes me fix buggy code quicker (because of the embarrassment of having complete sh**e code in the wild).

The most recent build to date will always be file at the root of the fileshare.

Posted by Paul Bailey 2013-02-16

Beta version nearly done....

After a month, or so, or late nights (sometimes very late), the beta release is nearly done; probably a couple of weeks and it's there. The depressing thing is by the time I've finished it, despite a FULL rewrite and improvements to execution, it will be no more useful than the alpha release. The notable improvements will be the user interface (alpha was crap). The internal improvements allow for better code execution, process control and, more importantly, allow for adding stuff to the program later on easily.... read more

Posted by Paul Bailey 2013-02-13