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  • Destroys PATH environment variable (Win7x64/7.0NG.716).

  • Excellent

  • It is very cool! I am very happy!

  • bouncy slide hire

  • its cool. i got that i needed

  • Amazing! i love it so much, easy and cool stuff indeed!

  • Before I fell into my current unemployment status, Pandora FMS was one of the software solutions we had dabbed around with a little bit, in order to monitor my ex-company's networks and general process status. Considering we'd tried other solutions such as Nagios (which had really poor user friendliness and quite an outdated interface) or PRTG (which was a little friendlier and nicer to use but had waaaay less features and customization options) we stuck with the option that would give us custom features, and at the same time offer the best bang for our buck. Apparently it was the right choice, and it's even now that I use custom builds of Pandora FMS for some personal aspects and measurements that I enjoy having around. Definitely if your need is flexibility over anything else, maybe because you're a really small or really large company, Pandora FMS is highly recommendable. They're there to help and, although it's not really the easiest software to set up on your own, if your job is exactly that, or you're a bit savvy then you should have no issues in general when understanding the basics to this solution. It is safe to conclude though, that it's not a program meant to be set up by anyone who can click the "next" button on their screen, but I assume that if you're reading at this point, you're beyond that.

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  • As an IT consultant, I recommended this product up until version 3 came along. I then had a falling out with how some things in this software functioned, and I started to recommend other solutions to my clients, while keeping close tabs on Pandora FMS' evolution. Not suprisingly, these guys have gotten back on track and made this software one that I can once again recommend as a first pick for all my clients who need monitoring solutions. Version 6 has been a blast to work with and I have yet to receive complaints from any of my customers.

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  • The quality control of this product has declined over the last couple of releases and to complicate matters reporting defects has become cumbersome with limited response by knowledgeable resources. If the trend continues, I will be forced to another solution. This is disappointing because the application worked very well for years.

  • My company decided it was time to advance our monitoring solution. We picked several solutions to demo, and ultimately kept coming back to the the PandoraFMS option. The open source version is fantastic. The combination of the module library and the nagios wrappers ensures there is nothing we cannot monitor. We were so impressed that we decided to move forward with the enterprise demo. During this time, my team had several question. Our support representative Axel has been extremely fast in response times and information. There has not been one situation that he was not on top of. Once our enterprise demo ends we will be moving forward with this product. While it may have a slightly high learning curve, it is worth learning.

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  • New version is too good. Keep it man!

  • Amazing job. Thanks all You Rock!

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  • Very flexible and powerful, the new Release has a lot of improvements!

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  • Nice program.! Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent.

  • Pandora has some amazing features.

  • pandora works nicely

  • someone recommend me Pandora.. now i know why.. great tool..

  • Thank you for your work! This is great project, very helpful, Fast and Easy!

  • I really enjoy working with pandora.

  • What I love most on this one is its GIS tracking and viewing feature!

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  • thank you for such a great app

  • must have app for people on the go.

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