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  • The Best bBusiness intelligence (BI) software.

  • We use two ETL tools, KETTLE and MS SSIS. I find KETTLE easier to use, flush with features, and bullet-proof for running automated tasks.

  • I just have one question, is it possible to have like a torrent to download it? because my conection is too slow and i can´t download it complete, or change the mirror, i don't know, the thing is that i need it because my reports are in prd5.4 soooo.....

  • It's a very good project for build an Open Source Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence Project. PDI is the tool for Data Warehousing and BI Server, PRD, PME, PDS, PWS are the tools for build analytical solutions and do BI activities.

  • Could not get the environmental variables to set correctly. Make sure I had the latest versions of jre and jdk. Added the user and system vars, ran the bat file, but it still would not load. I guess it must be me since other people rave about this software, but I have written it off as a pain. Willing to try again in a year when another release is made public.

  • A really complete BI solution. Excellent ETL module (PDI\Kettle), with some awesome visualizations. The maintaning company acquired Webdetails, one of the main plugin developers. Everyone interested in BI should take a look at this software, even if just to understand another form of developing MIS. Cons: Very heavy (in particular the Mondrian MDX server when executing true functions like stdev and correlation), requires a powerful machine to run. Depends a lot on third-party plugins that have their own stability issues.

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  • Good work:) Thanks

  • Perfect open source project! 10x!

  • superb business analysis product

  • Recommend! It's very nise, big thank!

  • I cannot start it. There is no file to start the application in the folder mentioned in the readme file.

  • This is a superb product. It has tons of features for free. Thanks!

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  • Love that its free

  • Large selection of options, easy install, easy to use. Good program, thanks.

  • This project is a great way to push my boundaries

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  • wide of variety.. great tool... many thanks

  • Useful project. Thanks

  • works nicely

  • I love this tool. We are doing great things with Pentaho in Brazil since 2007. I put a lot of things in my

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  • I have to point out the reporting feature. That one went really well.

  • I really like on this app its reporting feature!

  • Great software. I use it already for a long time and recommend it to everybody.

  • It does work indeed.

  • thanks for this great software. it saves me so much time.

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