A source code editor and MS Windows Notepad replacement

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Notepad++, a source code editor and MS Windows Notepad replacement, has the mission to offer a greener environment. By optimizing its routines, it results in reducing CPU power consumption then reducing the world carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • User Language Defined System
  • Tabed document and Multi-View
  • More than 50 languages supported
  • Full Drag ‘N' Drop supported
  • Macro recording and playback
  • Extensible with its plugin system


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I have been working for a long time with NOTEPAD++. However after updating from a 6.2.x version to 6.4.1 it was no longer possible to work with big files (> 1 MB). Every change in the file takes an awful long time until NOTEPAD++ answers. I tried the 6.3.3 version - same problem. Going back to 6.2.2 the problem is resolved. So I cannot use any version higher than 6.2.x. Would be nice to resolve this problem in higher versions!!


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It was a great editor until the dev decided he should make it type out a political message on startup. I agree with the message, but it's totally wrong to exhibit malware-like behavior just to get your political agenda across *in a professional editor.*

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Mr f-u off, you are in no position to DEMAND anything. You're computer/programming skills are SEVERELY lacking if you cannnot find a way convert .txt to .csv. Perhaps instead of criticizing real devs who have real skills, you ought to educate yourself a wee bit or just download another free text editor. Thee are about a billion of them on this thing called the "internet"...

Posted 03/07/2015
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The best fast text/script editor I used. Very good software

Posted 03/06/2015
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Superb Light Weight Tool Customizable for personal use...

Posted 03/06/2015
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I am NOT Charlie ~--~--~ -~--~--~ I agree with "penryn" 20 Jan 2015 about JeSuisCharlie. I bought Charlie Hebdo of 07 Jan 4h after the massacre, I bought the historical Charlie Hebdo (7 million copies sold), I marched Sun 11 Jan République-Nation *in support of the victims (no matter how strongly I disagree with them) and of the freedom of expression INCLUDING THEIRS* but I REFUSED to carry the "Je Suis Charlie" sticker because I AM NOT Charlie: everyone informed knows that Charlie Hebdo has always been a permanent offense to freedom of expression, to honesty, to beauty, by publishing each week a row of disgusting ugly drawings, whose main goal is always the same: bash, mock, insult, SLANDER Christians and Old French people; their attacks on Muslims and Islam, as disgusting as they were, were much milder and less frequent than on Christians and French citizens. Everyone knows this but NONE dares to tell it! This is just an example, but even if you are denying the reality about Charlie, you must know that FORCING into a text editor and into users' PC a marked, unwarranted, unchecked, reckless, thoughtless political or religious opinion, is only showing that you LACK HONESTY AND SERIOUSNESS. I too have used NotePAD++ intensively daily for years, but my until now high opinion of it can only decrease (even if not low enough so far for removing a star) with this attack on neutrality and objectivity. So, still 5 stars - for now. Versailles (France), Wed 04 Mar 2015 14:51:10 +0100

Posted 03/04/2015
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one of the things i DEMAND that a text editor does all the time is that the program knows how to convert any .txt file into a .csv file, period! oh sure text editors have no problem converting all .csv files to .txt files but they never can do the reverse. That kinda shoddy professionalism was great for the end of the 20th century, but we now halfway through the second decade of the 21st century and this should have been solved and solved simplistically. If the said editors knows how to convert a .csv file into plain text then that same editor should know how to do the reverse. Therefore your product gets a 1. I would have asked this question of notepad++ support, but there doesn't seem to be any of that easily located on their webpage. NOT even an email support option easily linked to their front page of their site! And yes, i've tried a few times to save as and see how many types of different kinds of files the .txt file can be saved as. It does a bunch, but seeing as .csv files are what i call a major type of file format and there were about 20 different kinds of saved formats i could have chosen. I COULDN'T choose the kind i needed to save the information as cause the program i was writing the information for NEEDED the information in .csv format.

Posted 02/28/2015
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