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giPlayer PLEASE NOTE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS PROGRAM NO LONGER WORKS. The BBC is no longer providing the feeds for this program to work. giPlayer calls get_iplayer which in turn searched BBC feeds for television and radio programmes. These feeds have been taken down by the BBC. There is currently no fix and unlikely to be one. I will still leave the software up for now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- giPlayer is a very simple python gtk gui to download BBC programmes on the Linux OS. With a deb file it should work on all debian based versions of Linux including Ubuntu. There is no help but it is fairly straightforward to use. It is a wrapper for get_iplayer. If you wish to understand in more detail how it downloads programmes you can read the command line program get_iplayer help file. Installing on Ubuntu 14.04: This distro doesn't seem to pre-install dependencies, so you have to install them manually 1) Open terminal (Control+Alt+T) 2) Install dependencies (if not already installed) sudo apt-get install get-iplayer sudo apt-get install libav-tools 3) Download giPlayer.deb 4) Install giPlayer from terminal: cd Downloads sudo dpkg -i giPlayer.deb Installing on Mint 17 and Debian: Download giPlayer.deb and double-click to install Installation Problems: If you have installation problems with dependencies, perform a software update and try fixing any broken packages with: sudo apt-get install -f Then try the install again. Optional Packages: With older distros, you may still need to install ffmpeg for tv/radio downloads to complete: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg To add metadata to some file types, install the following package: sudo apt-get install atomicparsley Versions: 0.41 Changed percentage count to main window Title. 0.4 Added percentage count to Progress Dialog Title. Fixed broken dependency in Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04. Added libav-tools as a dependency. 0.31b Fixed broken dependency in Ubuntu 10.10. 0.3b Added subtitles option. 0.2b Fixed bug that prevented giPlayer executing if no .get_iplayer folder existed. 0.1b Original.
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