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giPlayer giPlayer is a very simple python gtk gui to download BBC programmes on the Linux OS. With a deb file it should work on all debian based versions of Linux including Ubuntu. There is no help but it is fairly straightforward to use. It is a wrapper for get_iplayer. If you wish to understand in more detail how it downloads programmes you can read the command line program get_iplayer help file. Installing on Ubuntu 14.04: This distro doesn't seem to pre-install dependencies, so you have to install them manually 1) Open terminal (Control+Alt+T) 2) Install dependencies (if not already installed) sudo apt-get install get-iplayer sudo apt-get install libav-tools 3) Download giPlayer.deb 4) Install giPlayer from terminal: cd Downloads sudo dpkg -i giPlayer.deb Installing on Mint 17 and Debian: Download giPlayer.deb and double-click to install Installation Problems: If you have installation problems with dependencies, perform a software update and try fixing any broken packages with: sudo apt-get install -f Then try the install again. Optional Packages: With older distros, you may still need to install ffmpeg for tv/radio downloads to complete: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg To add metadata to some file types, install the following package: sudo apt-get install atomicparsley Versions: 0.41 Changed percentage count to main window Title. 0.4 Added percentage count to Progress Dialog Title. Fixed broken dependency in Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04. Added libav-tools as a dependency. 0.31b Fixed broken dependency in Ubuntu 10.10. 0.3b Added subtitles option. 0.2b Fixed bug that prevented giPlayer executing if no .get_iplayer folder existed. 0.1b Original.
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