VICE "deserted"?

  • NLS

    It's been more than a year without an updated release (last release took about 13 months IIRC).
    I don't see any support reactions in the tracker and I think code submission is rare.
    The site is deserted (still mentions 2.3 as new) while nobody made sure that it comes first in Google instead of the older home (which still talks about 2.2).
    I have even contacted the last person that submitted code, through e-mail and got no reaction at all (thanks man, very polite).

    So what is happening with VICE?

  • On one hand there have been no official releases for a while, but on the other hand the project is very active. Just look at the number of SVN commits. If you want the very latest version, just get it from SVN

  • NLS

    Yes I know. That said:

    1) There is no Windows compiled SVN. You can't ask the users to start compiling code. Even "plain" linux users tend to forget this.

    2) Still this shows lack of interest to really make the project big. The web page is indeed completely deserted (and actually a copy of the VERY old page).

    3) Ignoring even mail concerning the subject can't be good.

    4) I am not even sure if issues get tracked and assigned any more.

    C64 in general and VICE project doesn't deserve this "fade out".

  • Olaf Seibert
    Olaf Seibert

    To answer in the style of another project, which is also somewhat short on volunteers:

    Thank you for volunteering to provide regular MSWindows builds! Where can we get them from?

  • NLS

    Ha classic reply. I won't say how people characterize it though (not very well).

    It is very elitistic to have to be able to develop and build to be allowed to express opinion.

    No I do not volunteer to provide Windows build because I cannot do it.
    I haven't seen any forum post or some edit in main page from the team to say "you know guys the team runs thin right now, so volunteers welcome".

    So "deserted" is probably the proper word.
    Hope the dev team gets organized enough to attract more people to the project (and yes this INCLUDES devs and people to build the Windows build etc.).

    I love VICE project, I would hate it if it just dies.

  • gpz

    "It is very elitistic to have to be able to develop and build to be allowed to express opinion."
    it is no more elitist than it is naive to demand sparetime developers to provide you binaries for your platform of choice.
    "Still this shows lack of interest to really make the project big."
    to be honest, personally i have exactly zero interest in "making the project big". i want to have fun developing it - end of story. and if "being big" means things like "must provide regular windows builds", then i'd rather stay small.

  • But at least a yearly official release would benefit users who are not interested in compiling themselves. 2.3 came 14 months 2.2, and that was 15 months ago. If the current state is "stable enough" (for some definition of it), maybe it would be time.

    Something that does not help is the sheer number of ports that have to be built and sanity-checked for a binary release: a daunting task that daunts everyone who tries, and is easy to get wrong. Hail to Blacky who did in the past release (or was that the past 2 releases?), but I understand how much work am official release requires from him.

  • Todd Aiken
    Todd Aiken

    It took me a while to find it, but if you go to the actual SourceForge "default" page for the project and not the VICE homepage, under the files menu, there is an "Experimental builds" section where you can download 2.3.x SVN versions for Windows.  Last one was 2.3.20, released on July 5th.

  • NLS

    This is new! Good find!