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  • Committed [r29876]

    workaround to make OSX port compile again

  • Committed [r29873]

    simple check for random autostart delay

  • Committed [r29872]

    only use random delay when KbdbufDelay or respe...

  • Committed [r29871]

    add up to one frame random delay before RETURN ...

  • Modified ticket #225 on VICE

    Lightgun emulation

  • Posted a comment on ticket #656 on VICE

    urks...terrible - yeah that needs to be changed also to be able to actually access...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #656 on VICE

    i dont have time for testing now, if you can build VICE yourself try this: go to...

  • Modified ticket #653 on VICE

    True Drive Emulation problem/error

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