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Welcome to the feature requests tracker for VICE.

For patches and bugs use the dedicated trackers instead.

You can find a list of planned features here.

nightly builds of WinVICE kindly provided by can be found here

To get in touch with the Developers use the mailing lists. Some of us can also be found on IRC #vice-dev on Freenode.

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203 SCPU model change open general new feature  
202 more accurate PAL/NTSC emulation (with artifacts) open general new feature (Rendering)  
201 Releases open general new feature  
200 VIC40 and its VIC 1.5 emulator open general new Emulator  
199 x128 reset options & xscpu64 switchers open general User Interface  
198 Commodore 1350 mouse open general new feature (Input)  
197 petcat does not handle short cut for BASIC PRINT command open general new feature  
196 libretro port open new Port  
195 snapshot rewind pending general new feature  
194 CMD-HD device with partition from DNP file open general new Device  
193 Some suggestions open v2.4 User Interface  
192 Extended device support Real IEC open general  
191 Magic Desk compatible cartridge open general new Device  
190 Video capture open general new feature  
189 Emulating 2nd button of 2-button C64GS joysticks open general  
188 VICE layout customizing open general new feature (Rendering)  
187 UK keyset for C64 emulator? open None None  
186 Domain name support in RS-232 settings open Windows new feature  
185 Allow state of Userport Lines to be set from Monitor open general new feature (Monitor)  
184 D9090 and D9060 Support open Marco van den Heuvel general new Device (Drives)  
183 x128: screenshot captures both screens open general new feature  
182 Monitor copy text pending-invalid general new feature (Monitor)  
181 Drag and drop for snapshot/cartridge images open general User Interface  
179 Support for second datasette on PET open general new feature (Tape)  
177 SuperCPU as new device not as new emulator pending-invalid general new Device  
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