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Welcome to the feature requests tracker for VICE.

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You can find a list of planned features here.

nightly builds of WinVICE kindly provided by pokefinder.org can be found here

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219 Allow in Peripheral Settings to attach diskimage DNP open general new feature  
218 Fullscreen and x128 + fullscreen mode advanced settings open general new feature  
217 Add "Save state and Exit" to end emulator open general User Interface  
216 Add new "parallel" cable option for 1541 (for Flash!) open general new feature  
215 Ethernet settings - use adapter name instead key from Registry open Windows User Interface  
214 x128: Enable PAL/NTSC selection again pending-invalid general User Interface  
213 vsp bug open general  
212 C64 model settings and SID settings on status bar & their shortcuts open Windows User Interface  
211 Map Shift Lock like is mapped Caps Lock and 40/80 Display key open general new feature  
209 VDC Vsync/HSync adjust option open general new feature  
208 New 128 model: Swiss - it needs last 2: Belgian and Spanish open general new feature  
207 VICE symbolic/positional keyboard support of Japanese 109 key keyboards pending-invalid general User Interface  
206 VICE keymap Lock keys for SHIFT LOCK and 40/80 DISPLAY like Caps Lock open general User Interface  
205 Commodore 64 80 column display adapters emulation open general new feature  
204 Commodore 64 CP/M 2.2 Zilog Z80 cartridge emulation open general new feature  
203 SCPU model change open general new feature  
202 more accurate PAL/NTSC emulation (with artifacts) open general new feature (Rendering)  
201 Releases open general new feature  
199 x128 reset options & xscpu64 switchers open general User Interface  
198 Commodore 1350 mouse open general new feature (Input)  
197 petcat does not handle short cut for BASIC PRINT command open general new feature  
196 libretro port open new Port  
195 snapshot rewind pending general new feature  
194 CMD-HD device with partition from DNP file open general new Device  
193 Some suggestions open v2.4 User Interface  
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