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Welcome to the bug tracker for VICE.

Please report only actual bugs here, for patches and feature requests use the dedicated trackers instead.

To make handling your reports easier, please make sure to include the following:

  • what VICE version are you using?
  • what operating system are you using?
  • what did you do?
  • what did happen?
  • what did you expect to happen?

You can find the list of known problems and our TODO list here.

nightly builds of WinVICE kindly provided by pokefinder.org can be found here

To get in touch with the Developers use the mailing lists. Some of us can also be found on IRC #vice-dev on Freenode.

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Port Category
580 open 1,8,5,"file,s,r":get#1,a$ causes ?device not present error open Drives  
579 Crash in monitor when dumping drive cpu regs. open Windows Monitor  
578 sha/shx/shy &H drop-off bug not emulated correctly open Daniel Kahlin x64sc  
577 difference in the keyboard maps open Windows x128  
576 Unexpected Error Signal 11() open Windows x128  
575 NTSC, toggling doublesize causes status bar destroyed open Windows x64sc  
574 memory corruption when scrolling the contributors list in SDL open SDL User Interface  
573 Fullscreen under Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has large black borders; actual c64 screen is small open Linux x64  
572 Dead keys not working. open Linux x64  
571 ds12c887 causes a crash on exit for x64 (64bit) pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel Windows  
570 typical/beyond force does not work open x64sc  
569 mmcreplay: Identical if statements. open  
568 Enable USB Server resource needs IDE64 rom loaded before the resource can be changed open Soci/Singular  
567 ethernet emulation related menu items should be inactive if not available open User Interface  
566 enabling TED audio leak emulation produces distorted sound open xplus4  
565 vice.pdf should not be installed in $prefix/share/info open Documentation  
564 Install documentation under $prefix/share/doc/vice open Linux Documentation  
562 arrows on sliders do not work in vsid GTK pending-fixed GTK User Interface  
561 no joystick in vsid SDL open SDL User Interface  
560 vsid GTK "Fast Resampling" does nothing pending-fixed GTK vsid  
558 the monitor in vsid SDL shows only one line pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel SDL vsid  
557 status bar is not shown in vsid SDL pending-fixed SDL vsid  
556 Cursor starts running off / Unable to reset emulator open MacOS X x64  
554 translation icnomplete. bug? pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel Windows User Interface  
552 x128 in 80 Column start/reset hangs emulated C128 open Windows x128  
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