#126 Validate structure errors only


Hi all,
What are the differences between errors and warnings in Tidy?
Do you know documentation, that describes, what Tidy consider as errors?
How can I specify to validate only structural errors (i.e. unmatched(not closed) open tags and unmatched(extra) close tags),ignore warnings and do not modify the code?


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  • By default Tidy does not modify the code but you can use the -e option so it does not print out the document. An "Error" is something Tidy is not confident it interpreted correctly, like it might due to certain nesting problems, so by default it does not print out the document. Note that Tidy might not report all errors, for instance, XHTML requires quote marks around attribute values, but if you don't have them, Tidy just adds them for you without pointing that out. Filtering messages is something you would have to do yourself, there is no option for this.

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