Engineering, testing and debugging of serial communication. Supports RS-232/422/423/485 as well as TCP/IP Client/Server/AutoSocket, UDP/IP Client/Server/PairSocket and USB Ser/HID. Optimized for simple command sets of e.g. embedded systems.


  • Serial terminal (connection endpoint) for engineering, testing and debugging purposes.
  • Configurable input mode.
  • Single-line text commands; multi-line text commands; files.
  • Unlimited number of predefined commands; history of recent commands.
  • Escapes for bin/oct/dec/hex like "\h(4F 4B)" as well as C-style "0x4F" and "0b01001111".
  • Escapes for ASCII controls like "<CR><LF>" as well as C-style "\r\n".
  • Special commands like "\!(EOL)", "\!(NoEOL)", "\!(Delay)", "\!(LineDelay)", "\!(LineInterval)", "\!(LineRepeat)".
  • Option to automatically trigger an action.
  • Option to automatically trigger a response.
  • Versatile monitoring and logging of sent and received data.
  • Formatting options for excellent readability.
  • Support for numerous single- and multi-byte character encodings.
  • Unicode value representation.
  • Find options.
  • Advanced options for text and binary communication.
  • Advanced options for in-depth RS-232/422/423/485 debugging of flow control, break and buffering.
  • Workspace supporting multiple terminals.
  • Fully keyboard operable.
  • Versatile shell/PowerShell command line including head-less operation.
  • The perfect replacement for HyperTerminal or good ol' fashioned Windows 3.x Terminal.

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User Reviews

  • Excellent terminal to Embedded Devices Debugging.

  • Best terminal on Win 7

  • Really amazing piece of software. I love the interface, support for UART and TCP/IP, being able to save a configuration, the logging facility (once I discovered it...) and user defined messages. The only thing that is really lacking is the ability to open a UART port in spy mode (unless I'm missing something?). It is surprisingly useful to monitor a UART link without interfering.

  • Best Terminal application I found in years. Great USB HID terminal App .

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Information Technology, Science/Research, Manufacturing, Telecommunications Industry, Advanced End Users, Developers

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