The Sashimi project hosts the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP), a mature suite of tools for mass-spec (MS, MS/MS) based proteomics: statistical validation, quantitation, visualization, and converters from raw MS data to the open mzML/mzXML formats.

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  • Even on probably most popular among science/business distribution - Centos/Scientific Linux - and TPP ver. 4.8, 5.0, 5.1 they all fail to compile, only 4.7 managed to compile successfully. I've tried different compilers/toolsets and all versions above 4.7 do not compile. My thoughts... I'm no programmer but I thought before that TPP developers might live on a different planet, planet Windows but, I did not suppose that planet is in a far far away galaxy! How could you release anything(not to mention carry on developing this way) without testing and proofing your software? Only, if you do not give a toss? Unfortunately this seems to be a trend when scientist decide to do programming. Also, scientist who do not understand open source? What kind of a science it that??

  • A wonderful tool no doubt, but the project has left Linux users in the lurch. Version 4.8.0 has been a headache to install (see below *) and looking at 5.0.0, it looks like it's back to square one troubleshooting! (*) had to revert to gcc 4.8, which is not even available as package anymore in modern build, change "endform to end_form" in a perl module, changed paths in Proteowizard makefile, added "." to paths in Makefile, and quite a lot of the Apache config had to be adjusted !

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  • Don't use TPP 4.8 setup it is buggy.

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  • great app, works nicely

  • awesome!!

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Web-based, Command-line

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Perl, C++, C, Java