LatexInWord provides macros for Microsoft Word that allow the use of LaTeX input to create equations images in both inline and display modes. Similar macros for other word processors will hopefully be added in the future.

We are currently in the process of migrating this project to GitHub:



  • Interactive equation editing with LaTeX
  • Automatic equation numbering and referencing
  • Does not require any installation
  • Provides access to the LaTeX equation syntax in Microsoft Word

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User Reviews

  • Description is vague. I find no documentation. I don't know how to install/use it, so it does not work at all.

  • I'm so sorry, I don't know how use this proyect. I have already downloaded the file but I don't know how this must be used. Does someone help? (sorry for my english)

  • A dream come true, looked for this capability for years and it is actually one of those things that you never know you even needed. There are products costing around 600 dollars that can't match how well this is done on Word 2007 - we have made a few modifications to the server-side application and would like to provide a version of it (open source) that is easier to install and configure for server back-ends like CentOS 6. For example a configure webpage and so on. If anyone is interested please say and we can work on what we have already done. A big thanks to the authors !

  • I found your website perfect according to my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Thanks for it.

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Really nice project! Thanks for your job!

    1 user found this review helpful.
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Science/Research, Education, End Users/Desktop

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Perl, Visual Basic, PHP