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latex2rtf is a translator program that translates LaTeX text into the RTF format used by various text processors, most notably Word. For the Copyright of the Program see the file Copyright. Version 2.3.17 adds support for non-ascii characters in verbatim blocks and theorem captions and support for the proof environment Version 2.3.16 fixes ukrainian.cfg and adds check for buffer overflow during construction of command line for latex2rt.exe in l2rshell.cpp Version 2.3.15 fixes a bug when \int was followed by \frac Version 2.3.14 fixes a bug when \int was followed by \left or \right and adds support for package bm, supporting \bm (bold math) Version 2.3.13 fixes a bug in main.c line 368 where a comparison was made using "=". Changed to using strcmp() !! Does not affect the windows version !! Version 2.3.12 fixes two bugs: - if output file is equal to input file, input file was deleted. Added check for file id equality. - in windows gui shell, default output file extension in the file selection window was .tex. Changed to .rtf To install (on a UNIX system) On modern Linux distributions, you would prefer to install LaTeX2RTF by the package manager of your distribution, which also provides an easy means for update and uninstallation. If your package manager does not provide the LaTeX2RTF package or you need to install LaTeX2RTF from the sources for some other reason, you should consider using 'checkinstall' which creates a package for your package manager which then can be installed and uninstalled by the package manager. If you nevertheless need to run install from the sources, note the following: If your 'mkdir' doesn't support the '-p' option, then create the necessary directories by hand and remove the option from the '$MKDIR' variable. If you have other problems, just copy 'latex2rtf' and 'latex2png' to a binary directory, and move the contents of the 'cfg/' directory to the location specified by '$CFG_INSTALL'. - Edit Makefile for your local configuration. The default install is reasonable, but if you do not have root access, then you might need to set $DESTDIR to be your home directory. - make - If this is not your first-time installation, you may want to preserve your old configuration (*.cfg) files. Copy them to a safe place before installing. - [sudo] make install - make check (expect warnings but no errors) [OPTIONAL] This tests LaTeX2RTF on a variety of LaTeX files. Expect a whole lot of warnings, but no outright errors. (On IBM AIX, use 'gmake check'.) Note that this will check the basic functionality of the 'latex2png' script, and then that of 'latex2rtf'. Reporting bugs to the homepage at Sourceforge * Please verify your bug with the most recent version of the program. * Please provide the version of the program you are using * Please provide your operating system and version number * Provide a short latex file that exhibits the bug. It is imperative that you spend time isolating the problem into a small latex file. This shows that you actually care enough about the problem to spend some of your time trying to help isolate the bug. * Be patient. Provide patches. Enjoy.
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