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latex2rtf 2.0.0

This version introduces the use of styles in the RTF conversion. This should facilitate changing all the appearance of, say, all section headings in the converted document.

This version contains important 64-bit compatibility fixes.

Support for converting equations and tables to bitmaps for inclusion in the RTF file has been significantly enhanced. Results almost look good.

Tabular conversion has been significantly improved.

Posted by Scott Prahl 2009-12-16

latex2rtf-win64-gui added

I've added the package latex2rtf-win64-gui. It works for Win NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista, also on 64bit versions. It contains the latex2rtf program plus a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and an automatic installer.

The difference to the latex2rtf-win-gui package is that latex2rtf-win-gui contains some helper programs which are 16bit programs and thus will not run under 64bit versions of Windows.

The package latex2rtf-win64-gui contains only Win32 programs which will also run under Win64 but maybe slower than the 16bit versions under Win32 systems.

Posted by Wilfried Hennings 2008-02-14

1.9.19 released

The 1.9.19 release of latex2rtf has a handful of new features and many, many bug fixes. It is a recommended upgrade for all users of latex2rtf.

New features (since 1.9.18) include

* basic support for \usepackage{subfigure}
basic support for \usepackage{endfloat}
basic support for \documentclass{apa}
basic support for \usepackage{pstricks-add}
basic support for \usepackage{hyperref}
 * nearly complete support for \usepackage{apacite}... read more

Posted by Scott Prahl 2007-11-20

latex2rtf version 1.9.18 released

Graphics and equation bitmap handling has been improved since 1.9.17
(especially on the windows platform). Other noteworthy changes are

  • new script pdf2pnga to handle image conversion on windows machines
  • -t option to include tables as bitmap images in the RTF document
  • image scaling now works when just the width is specified
  • support for the paralist package
  • \appendix now affects numbering of chapters/sections that follow... read more
Posted by Scott Prahl 2007-10-20

latex2rtf version 1.9.17

latex2rtf 1.9.17 is a new release of a semantic converter from latex to rtf. It has a number of new features and bug fixes. It is recommended for all users of latex2rtf.

Posted by Scott Prahl 2007-09-18

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