The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. It is geared towards home and SOHO users. The IPCop web-interface is very user-friendly and makes usage easy.

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User Reviews

  • I've been using IPCop since 2006. It is fantastic, very customisable and rock solid. I run it on an Atom D410 with 2GB memory and an SSD, in a fanless VESA mount case. I use the Snort and Guardian add-ons, among others. I also run some other stuff on the same machine, like Minecraft server and AssaultCube server. I wrote my own monitoring tool for the hardware using gnuplot, html and bash. I used the TCC to build rkhunter on the machine. I initially used it with PPPoE with a Kyocera modem and burst technology (I am in ZA) on Red. Now I have a Huawei 4G LTE router that connects to Red via dhcp. On Green I have an SMC EzConnect switch that provides safe, filtered and snorted internet to my family. The community is helpful, in the ipcop-user mailing list as well as the Sourceforge forum. I have had a plugin-developer make a custom version of a plugin (Snort) for me for Eth over USB. I am actually running 2.1.9 but it is not configured here. I installed 2.1.5 and the rest is done with updates, which work seamlessly. It has a vibrant following in Germany. I hope the project doesn't die. Kernel and other software is getting a bit long in the tooth. [I submitted the same review on]

  • Thanks for developing, maintaining and improving an excellent FOSS product. I, like many others, really appreciate it and the effort that goes into it. I've been using IPCop, initially version 1, later 2 and now 2.1.19) for years to drive a small domestic/SOHO firewall/router and throughout the time it's worked reliably and well. The hardware is an old VIA ITX board with 512 MB, a PATA-attached 4GB Compact Flash, and an Intel quad-port PCI NIC. Even when under heavy use the hardware runs IPCop without breaking sweat and consumes negligible power to do so. (i.e. it barely shows up on the hose smart-meter.) The ITX board has a built-in VIA Samuel 2 CentaurHauls CPU that cannot run Pentium code so I very much appreciate the fact that IPCop is built to run on pre-Pentium CPUs. The web GUI is a little opaque at first but that lessens with use and the recent changes to it have improved matters. Begin able to SSH in to the box helps as well, especially as once shelled in it's standard Linux and hence familiar territory. I like the out of the box provision of orange and blue sub-nets in addition to the basic red and green. I installed the 'extra interfaces' plug-in to obtain an additional grey interface (on V2.1), which installed painlessly and has worked well. Overall, IPCop has been an excellent platform. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the great software!

  • Excelente Distro.

  • It does what it promises. With a basic understanding of how networks are designed, installation is relatively painless. The online documentation is outstanding -- clear and comprehensive. Not every single bell and whistle is incorporated into the project, but there are a few easy to understand reasons for this (potentially less secure, more complicated management, limited resources, etc). In other words, IPCop seems, to an extent, to adhere to the "KISS" principle -- and the resulting product works quite well.

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