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quakespasm 0.92.1

Version 0.92.1 of QuakeSpasm is released: This is a minor bug-fix release.
Changes since the previous version:

  • Fixed large menu scale factors (was broken in 0.92.0).
  • Fixed PAUSE key (was broken in 0.92.0).
  • Updated some of the third-party libraries.
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2016-08-23

quakespasm 0.92.0

Version 0.92.0 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

  • SDL2 Game Controller support.

  • Contrast support with new "contrast" cvar, behaving the same as
    MarkV. It may be a useful alternative to the existing gamma control
    for laptops in a bright environment, etc. Raising contrast gives
    less of a gray/washed out look than raising gamma, but at a
    disadvantage: colors near white get clipped to white.

  • RMQ protocol (999) support, adapted from RMQEngine.
  • New "-protocol x" command line option. Accepted values for 'x' are
    15 (NetQuake), 666 (FitzQuake, default), and 999 (RMQ).
  • New "setpos" console command.
  • New "vid_borderless" cvar for getting a borderless window.
  • Increased MAX_MAP_LEAFS from 65535 to 70000 and MAX_LIGHTMAPS from
    256 to 512 in order to handle the oms3 map pack.
  • Server edicts are now allocated using malloc instead of allocating
    on the hunk.
  • gl_clear now defaults to 1.
  • Fix items falling out of the world on oms3.bsp on SSE builds.
  • Worked around an OSX 10.6 driver bug when using FSAA, which was
    leading to an unplayable HOM effect on the rest of the screen.
  • Fix wrong trace endpoint from the tracepos console command.
  • Updated some of the third-party libraries. Other fixes/clean-ups.
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2016-07-02

quakespasm 0.91.0

Version 0.91.0 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:


  • Fix unwanted fog mode change upon video restart.
  • Work around Intel 855 bug in status bar drawing with "r_oldwater 0"
    and "scr_sbaralpha 0".
  • Fix an obscure GLSL bug where changing gamma would result in the
    screen turning to noise.
  • Fix GLSL gamma causing the tiled screen border to turn white when
    "sizedown" is used.
  • Fix an alias model VBO renderer bug where a model not precached
    during map start wouldn't be drawn.
  • Fix the order of OpenGL context creation and window creation in
    SDL2 video.
  • Fix a calling convention issue in windows DPI awareness function
  • Fix a random texture recoloring after video mode change.
  • Fix a liquid turning to garbage after several video mode changes
    and "r_oldwater 0".
  • Fix a wrong alpha-sorting bug introduced in 0.90.1.
  • Fix "flush" command not reloading mdl's from disk (bug introduced
    in 0.90.1).
  • Prevent a possible buffer overflow in Cbuf_Execute (old Q1/Q2 bug).
  • Prevent a possible vulnerability in MSG_ReadString (old Q1/Q2 bug).... read more
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2016-01-18

quakespasm 0.90.1

Version 0.90.1 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:


  • Fix dynamic light artifact where changing lightmap are rendered one
    frame late (bug introduced in 0.90.0).
  • Fix texture memory leak when changing video modes with SDL2.
  • Fix rare incorrect mdl lighting on 64-bit builds. (details here:
  • Fix fullbrights turning black after "kill" command (bug introduced
    in 0.90.0).
  • Clear all fog values on map change to prevent colored fog carrying
    over to jam3_tronyn.bsp.
  • Allow loading saves with } character in quoted strings, fixes issue
    with retrojam1_skacky.bsp.
  • Fix viewmodel not lerping on extended-limit maps.
  • Fix crash on out-of-bounds skin number.... read more
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2015-06-15

quakespasm 0.90.0

Version 0.90.0 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

  • Fix issues on Windows systems with DPI scaling.
  • Unix/Mac user directories support. Disabled by default,
    'make DO_USERDIRS=1' to enable it.
  • SDL2 support. Disabled by default, 'make USE_SDL2=1' to enable it.
  • Revised keyboard input code.
  • Revised/improved the 'game' command, i.e. on-the-fly mod changing.
    It now accepts an optional second argument for mission packs or
    quoth support i.e. -hipnotic, -rogue, or -quoth. For example, for
    WarpSpasm: "game warp -quoth"
  • Command line: "-game {quoth/hipnotic/rogue}" is now treated the
    same as -quoth, -hipnotic, or -rogue.
  • Console speed now resolution-independent.
  • Disabled gl_zfix, which caused glitches and is undesirable for new
    maps. Replacement .ent files to fix z-fighting for several id1 maps
    added to quakespasm.pak.
  • PF_VarString buffer bumped to 1024, avoids truncated centerprints
    from the 'In The Shadows' mod.
  • Support for opengl non-power-of-two-textures extension (disable
    with command line: "-notexturenpot".)
  • Support for OpenGL vertex buffer objects (VBO, OpenGL 1.5 or newer)
    for world and brush models (disable with command line: "-novbo".)
  • Antialiasing (FSAA) support (command line: -fsaa x, where x can be
    0, 2, 4, 8).
  • Fence textures support.
  • Dynamic light speedup. Speedup loading of tga and pcx external
  • Brush model drawing speedup.
  • Support for BSP2 and 2PSB map formats.
  • Support for Opus, FLAC, and tracker music (S3M, IT, UMX, etc.), as
    compile-time options.
  • Music and sfx now mixed at 44100Hz to avoid downsampling music.
    Low-pass filter applied to the sfx if -sndspeed is 11025 (the
    default), to preserve the same sound quality as 0.85.9. New
    -mixspeed option sets the rate for mixing sfx and music, and output
    to the OS (default 44100), setting it to 11025 reverts to 0.85.9
    behaviour. New snd_filterquality cvar, value can be between 1
    (emulate OS X resampler) and 5 (emulate Windows resampler),
    controls the sound of the low-pass filter.
  • Better Hor+ field of view (FOV) scaling behavior.
  • Better cross-map demo playback support.
  • Fix screenshots when screen width isn't a multiple of 4.
  • Fix a lighting glitch due to floating point precision.
  • Fix a looping sounds glitch.
  • Fix a vulnerability in file extension handling. Tighten path
    handling safety.
  • Initialize opengl with 24-bit depth buffer at 32 bpp.
  • Reset all models upon gamedir changes. (Fixes failures with mods
    using custom content.)
  • Fix broken behavior upon gamedir changes if -basedir is specified
    on the command line.
  • NET_MAXMESSAGE and MAX_MSGLEN limits bumped to 64000.
  • MAX_EFRAGS bumped to 4096, and MAX_CHANNELS to 1024.
  • MAX_ENT_LEAFS bumped from 16 to 32 to work around disappearing or
    flickering brush models in some situations. Also, if an entity is
    visible from MAX_ENT_LEAFS or more leafs, we now always send it to
    the client.
  • Fix cvar cycle command not working sometimes.
  • Host_Error upon missing models. (Prevents segmentation faults.)
  • Change sv_aim default value to 1 (i.e. turn off autoaim)
  • Add 'prev' and 'next' keywords to the 'cd' command.
  • Work around a linux cdrom issue (playback might not start for a
    while after a stop).
  • Quakespasm content customization moved from engine-embedded into a
    new optional quakespasm.pak file.
  • Version bumped to 0.90.0 (because Quakespasm has a decent life of
    it's own)
  • Other fixes and clean-ups.
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2014-10-20

quakespasm 0.85.9

Version 0.85.9 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

  • fixes for several undefined behaviors in C code (gcc-4.8 support.)
  • implemented Hor+ style field of view (FOV) scaling, useful for
    widescreen resolutions. configured by new cvar fov_adapt: set it to 1
    and your fov will be scaled automatically according to the resolution.
    enabled by default.
  • adjusted string buffers for PR_ValueString and friends to fix crashes
    with excessively long global strings seen in some rude mods.
  • toned down warning messages from PF_VarString() a bit.
  • fixed fitzquake's map existence check in changelevel (used to leak
    file handles which would end up in a Sys_Error() due to consuming all
    free handles if many maps reside not in pak files.)
  • fixes/cleanups in chat mode handling. client no longer gets stuck in
    chat mode upon disconnect.
  • mouse grab/key_dest fixes and key cleanups.
  • the "speedkey" now acts as "slowkey" when "always run" is on.
  • support for demo recording after connection to server. (thanks to
    Baker for a patch)
  • corner case fixes in COM_Parse() for quoted strings and support for
    C-style /*..*/ comments.
  • changed lightmaps to GL_RGBA instead of GL_RGB.
  • better parse for opengl extensions list (from quakeforge.)
  • vsync saving/loading fixes.
  • fixed pointfile loading.
  • multiple cleanups in gl_vidsdl.c.
  • Opus music decoding support (as an optional patch only.)
  • several other minor fixes/cleanups.
Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2013-04-12

quakespasm 0.85.8

Version 0.85.8 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

* Made Quake shareware 1.00 and 1.01 versions to be recognized properly.
* Fixed control-character handling in unicode mode. Keyboard input tweaks.
* Made the keypad keys to send separate key events in game mode.
* Text pasting support from OS clipboard to console. (Windows and Mac OS X.)
* Support for the Apple (Command) key on Mac OS X.
* Fixed increased (more than 32) dynamic lights.
* Music playback: Made sure that the file's channels count is supported.
* Support for Solaris.
* Switched to using libmad instead of libmpg123 for MP3 playback on Mac OS X.
* Better support for building the Mac OS X version using a makefile, support for cross-compiling on Linux.
* Fixed a minor intermissions glitch.
* Increased string buffer size from 256 to 384 for PF_VarString to work around broken mods such as UQC.
* Restored original behavior for Quake registered version detection.
* Minor demo recording/playback tweaks.
* Minor tweaks to the scale menu option.
* unbindall before loading stored bindings (configurable by new cvar cfg_unbindall, enabled by default.)
* New icon.
* Miscellaneous source code cleanups.

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2012-10-08

quakespasm 0.85.7

Version 0.85.7 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

* Added support for cross-level demo playback
* gl_texturemode is reimplemented as a cvar with a callback and the
setting is automatically saved to the config
* Fixed execution of external files without a newline at the end
* Reduced memory usage during reloading of textures
* Fixed compilation on GNU/kFreeBSD (Debian bug #657793)
* Fixed backspace key on Mac OS X
* Disable mouse acceleration in Mac OS X
* Worked around recursive calling of the anisotropic filter callback
* Console word wrap and long input line fixes
* Verified correct compilation by clang (using v3.0)
* Several other small changes mostly invisible to the end-user

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2012-03-14

quakespasm 0.85.6

Version 0.85.6 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

* More work for string buffer safety,
* Reverted v0.85.5 change of not allowing deathmatch and
coop cvars to be set at the same time (was reported for
possibility of causing compatibility issues with mods),
* Several cleanups/changes in the cvar layer,
* Minor SDL video fixes.

Happy new year to all.

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2012-01-01

quakespasm 0.85.5

Version 0.85.5 of QuakeSpasm is released. Changes since the previous version:

* SDL input driver updated, adding native keymap and dead key support to the console
* Fixed a crash in net play in maps with extended limits
* Verified successful compilation using gcc-4.6.x
* Added workaround against GL texture flicker (z fighting), controlled by new cvar 'gl_zfix'
* Read video variables early so that a vid_restart isn't necessary after init
* mlook and lookspring fixes
* Added support for loading external entity files, controlled by new cvar 'external_ents'
* Made mp3 playback to allocate system memory instead of zone
* Some updates to the progs interpreter code
* Fixed r_nolerp_list parsing code of fitzquake
* Made sure that deathmatch and coop are not set at the same time
* Several code updates from uHexen2 project, several code cleanups.... read more

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2011-12-25

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