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publicVoiceXML 3.0 Windows Port

Klaus Bucher has finished his work on the Windows Port up to a point where it has been commited into the CVS.

A Windows-compatible Version of publicVoiceXML 3.0 can now be found in the package publicVoiceXML3.0, branch bucher-windows_port-branch.

You can check it out via
cvs co -z3 co -r bucher-windows_port-branch publicVoiceXML3.0
"... read more

Posted by tobi-wan 2004-11-12

publicVoiceXML 3.0 for Linux released

We are proud to announce a major step in the evolvement of the VoiceXML 2.0 browser publicVoiceXML, its release-version 3.0!

So, what's new?

* Release 3.0 allows to define access-lists for accepting or rejecting calls based on the dialled DDI extension
* Major architectural reviews lead to an extensible and stable code-base
* publicVoiceXML now can handle more than one hardware interface
* A XML-File is used to manage these interfaces
* Additional Documents (User Manual, Developer Manual, Integration Guide, Class Description)... read more

Posted by tobi-wan 2004-07-23

publicVoiceXML: Call-Control soon to come!

The Community behind publicVoiceXML is pleased to announce that it will soon release version 2.7 of its product. It will include extensions to support call-control mechanisms such as call transfers (transparently without the need of a transfer-supporting ISP) and outbound call
placement. The new release will be able to initiate calls to arbitrary numbers via VoiceXML scripts directly or via TCP connections. This enables new and more flexible services to be built around publicVoiceXML.... read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-04-27

publicVoiceXML: 4 extensive VoiceXML - Usecases published

PUBLIC VOICE Lab has published 4 usecases to show the power and functionality of VoiceXML / publicVoiceXML. Currently they are located in the project's CVS (publicvoicexml/usecases/). Dependent on your interest and feedback we will compile a download package for the one of you who aren't familiar with CVS. All usecases are published under the GNU GPL. Please read the README file in each of the usecases folders for further details. If you plan to develop dynamic VoiceXML applications using publicVoiceXML, you should take a look at the sources.... read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-03-29

Automatic Installer for publicVoiceXML released

We have published an automatic installer for publicVoiceXML (linux version only) to provide you with a convenient installation process. With this file it is now possible to download all components packed in one file, execute the script and get publicVoiceXML running within 15 minutes. The file "" (size: 18MB) is a self installing bundle of publicVoiceXML2.6.1 together with all necessary third party components. is a compressed source-code package and is therefore executable on any linux distribution. You will need a correctly installed CAPI2.0 compliant ISDN-card on your system. We will enhance the installer continuously and are awaiting your feedback and experiences. Get the file at read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-03-01

publicVoiceXML "Developer Quick Start Guide" published

The "Developer Quick Start Guide" should enable developers to get a quick insight into publicVoiceXML to start developing immediately. It gives an overview of the publicVoiceXML architecture, important programming constructs and program flow. Get it from the document Section of the project (

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-02-17

publicVoiceXML Hardware abstraction with VoIP-CAPI / XCAPI

We have made first successful and promising tests both with VoIP-CAPI(ikon) and XCAPI(TE-Systems) in combination with publicVoiceXML2.6.1. VoIP-CAPI and XCAPI behave like virtual ISDN cards that enables publicVoiceXML to communicate via H323.

With VoIP-CAPI or XCAPI.....
.... publicVoiceXML is Hardware independent
.... publicVoiceXML has better scalability (e.g 5/13/42 lines)

Unfortunately VoIP-CAPI and XCAPI ...
... only works on windows at the moment. Both companies(ikon, TE-Systems) told me they have plans to release a Linux version.
... in combination with publicVoiceXML isnt fully tested yet... read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-01-28

publicVoiceXML:Installation manual for Windows published

We have published a step by step guide how to run publicVoiceXML2.6.1 under windows. A guide how to compile publicVoiceXML2.6.1 under Windows is also included. Find the instructions at the Docs section of the Sourceforge page or directly at

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-01-23

publicVoiceXML 2.6.1 for Windows and Linux released

The publicVoiceXML (VoiceXML 2.0 comliant Browser) team is proud to announce the availability of Release 2.6.1. With this new version we ultimately support both Windows and Linux OS with an identical feature list. The Source Code version is now platform independent, there is also a binary release for windows. The Windows version also supports MS SAPI compliant TTS engines. We look forward to get your test results.

Posted by PUBLIC VOICE Lab 2003-12-19

windows support in publicVoiceXML

today we checked in sources that include almost full windows-support for publicVoiceXML (except TTS-Engine support, we are currently working at
implementing SAPI). all necessary MS Visual C++ files are included, 3rd party components not (yet).
so we have succeeded in unifying our code-bases for linux and windows!

please be aware that the code is not fully tested yet and considered experimental. We will go further in testing and expect a cross platform enabled release within the next weeks.... read more

Posted by PUBLIC VOICE Lab 2003-12-11

Release 2.6 available

The publicVoiceXML team is proud to announce the avaiability of Release 2.6. This new version comes with support for ISDN PRI, a full integration of Festival, a lot of bugfixes and stability fixes. We have tested publicVoiceXML for a long period in a production system without any system crashes. Although this version of pvx is only stable on Linux, there is already an activity to re-port this version to Windows. Watch out for enhanced Windows support soon! ... read more

Posted by PUBLIC VOICE Lab 2003-11-26

VoiceTiki support for publicVoiceXML

Successful cooperation of three open source projects: We are glad to announce publicVoiceXML is now supported by VoiceTiki (, the enhancement to TikiWiki CMS ( to enable multimodal access to webpages. With this enhancement, namely HawHaw (, it is possible to provide the visitors of your website with an additional channel to access your content.... read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2003-11-06

New Features: ISDN PRI support ... commited

We have commited Tobias Witeks enhancements for linux version (twitek_scalability_fix-branch) which includes

Scalability: Primary-Rate Interface Support (30 lines parallel)

CAPI Profile Output
Parameter in Configuration-File for Log-Level
More informational output
Extended Logging-Facilities (different Log-Levels)

Better performance on simultanous connections
Faster remote disconnection... read more

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2003-10-31

Detailed Installation Instructions for publicVoiceXML

A detailed description of the installation procedure could be found in the Docs section (

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2003-10-22

Frequently Asked Questions and Wishlist are released

In the doc section of the SourceForge page two new documents
are released. The FAQ is for newbies and it covers many technical questions about publicVoiceXML. The Wishlist is mainly for developers and it defines
the features that should implement in the future.


Wishlist: read more

Posted by Csaba Fulop 2003-10-09

New Linux version released

Version 2.5beta of PublicVoiceXML, the open source VoiceXML 2.0 compatible voice browser has been released.

Latest changes:

termtimeout, timeout & interdigittimeout implementation for DTMF - is configurable in config file

DDI (Direct Dialing In): is working now for all tested phones (POTS, ISDN,mobile) Line must be configured for Point to Point (P2P) client.vxi.DDILen and testClient.ISDNNumber new in Config file... read more

Posted by Csaba Fulop 2003-09-18

Linux version released

Version 0.9 of PublicVoiceXML, the open source VoiceXML 2.0 compatible voice browser has been released.

There are detailed installation instructions in the doc subfolder.
Contrary to these instructions, you might be able to compile the software with gcc version other than the recommended 3.0.2.

The list of supported VoiceXML tags can also be found in the doc subfolder.

A fully tested version of the software is also available upon request.... read more

Posted by Andras Micsik 2003-04-30

pvx-tech mailing list

You are invited to use our mailing list for technical discussions and questions on PublicVoiceXML.
You can subscribe here:

Posted by Andras Micsik 2003-01-23