publicVoiceXML 3.0 for Linux released

We are proud to announce a major step in the evolvement of the VoiceXML 2.0 browser publicVoiceXML, its release-version 3.0!

So, what's new?

* Release 3.0 allows to define access-lists for accepting or rejecting calls based on the dialled DDI extension
* Major architectural reviews lead to an extensible and stable code-base
* publicVoiceXML now can handle more than one hardware interface
* A XML-File is used to manage these interfaces
* Additional Documents (User Manual, Developer Manual, Integration Guide, Class Description)

What still needs to be done

* It's a beta-release. Thus, some features have not yet been tested satisfyingly.
* No Windows support yet
* Call-Transfers and Outbound Calls do not work yet

We'd appreciate any feedback, as it will help us to improve publicVoiceXML.

Have a lot of fun!

Posted by tobi-wan 2004-07-23

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