windows support in publicVoiceXML

today we checked in sources that include almost full windows-support for publicVoiceXML (except TTS-Engine support, we are currently working at
implementing SAPI). all necessary MS Visual C++ files are included, 3rd party components not (yet).
so we have succeeded in unifying our code-bases for linux and windows!

please be aware that the code is not fully tested yet and considered experimental. We will go further in testing and expect a cross platform enabled release within the next weeks.

To describe the situation with the windows version in detail: The Release 2.0_01-Win can be considered "dead" at the moment, as it uses MS TAPI. We took the publicVoiceXML 2.6 Release (uses CAPI2.0) and ported it to the Windows platform. Thanks to Klaus, Tobias and Rashid to spend much effort in this activity in the last month.

Posted by PUBLIC VOICE Lab 2003-12-11

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