publicVoiceXML: 4 extensive VoiceXML - Usecases published

PUBLIC VOICE Lab has published 4 usecases to show the power and functionality of VoiceXML / publicVoiceXML. Currently they are located in the project's CVS (publicvoicexml/usecases/). Dependent on your interest and feedback we will compile a download package for the one of you who aren't familiar with CVS. All usecases are published under the GNU GPL. Please read the README file in each of the usecases folders for further details. If you plan to develop dynamic VoiceXML applications using publicVoiceXML, you should take a look at the sources.

The usecase folder consists of following applications:

PVXInterviewBox: PVXInterviewBox is a tool (not only) for radio journalists, which allows to do recordings anytime by just using the mobile phone. Test results at the national elections 2002 in austria with commonly used mobile phones showed extremely good recording results. The interviews are made available at the studio's editing desk via Web Browser on-the-fly and thus can be integrated easily into live or pre-produced radio shows. Technology: PHP, Smarty, VoiceXML, getid3, PostgreSQL

PVXPresentBox: The PVXPresentBox is created for radio stations who want to offer Goodies / Presents to their listeners. The radio station listener can listen to the offered goodies using his telephone or browse through them using a web browser. Using the telephone interface, the user is welcomed with a TTS generated or a prerecorded message. At next the user is provided with information which goodies are offered. The admin interface is accessible via Web browser and via telephone. Staff can record or upload messages, enable/disable goodies etc. Technology: PHP, Smarty, VoiceXML, PostgreSQL

PVXStreamReader: PVXStreamReader is an application that reads radio streams from the internet and let you listen to it via telephone using publicVoiceXML. The application is splitted into two parts: a Java Application that reads the stream and dumps the file to the filesystem and a PHP Web Application that provides the VoiceXML file for publicVoiceXML. Technology: JAVA, PHP, Smarty, VoiceXML

PVXVoiceBox: A common Voice Mailbox. When a user calls this service he gets a welcome message either TTS generated or via a prerecorded audio file. The caller then could leave a message. The owner of the Voicebox will be noticed by email. When the owner of the voicebox calls this service (checked by caller number or PIN), he will get a menu of all messages and has the possibility to record an audio welcome message. Furthermore there is a simple web-interface where the mailbox owner can access the audio messages and manage them. Technology: PHP, Smarty, VoiceXML, PostgreSQL

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-03-29

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