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phpcomdb 00.08 released

This version adds some utility functions to help make portable PHP code with DDL calls (create tables, defining primary keys, etc.). As bonus thing, if you are a tech geek, you can dig into the code and use the upcoming "sqlsrv" dbtype, whose files have been included in this release at the scope of external testing.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2016-04-28

phpcomdb 00.07 relased

This version have new functions added, to make possible the porting of more MySQL-legacy PHP tools to a generic database interface. The main goal to be able porting Wikimedia project using this tool is still far, because wiki code makes calls relying on mysql internals and porting that calls to a db-independent interface isn't quite so easy.
00.07 have been on production sites for some years on the MSSQL interface and it is reliable enough for production, while the MYSQL was less used. If anything arise using this release, please use the ticket tool for support and please try to say everything it needs to make me able replicate your issue.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2014-09-23

phpcomdb 00.06 relased

This release provides FULL SUPPORT to sql_insert_blob. All functions are fully tested and working in production environments, and this package will ends the beta status of the project.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2011-06-07

phpcomdb 00.05 released

Main thing to notice in this version, is support for BLOBs (mssql only). Next release, 00.06, will complete BLOB support for mysql type database, and most likely will end the 00.xx version serie, making the project out of the beta status.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2011-06-06

phpcomdb 00.04 out

Bugfix release for sql_generated_id performed on MSSQL type databases.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2011-03-21

phpcomdb 00.03 out

This version will fix some major problems on mssql calls, and right now some little web site is running fine on the road. Even few calls are implemented, they are the most (and only) used on lot of php/mysql based sites.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2005-10-13

00.02 released

Some bugfix to make it workin fine in mysql databases. mssql DB still to check, if anyone willin to test on mssql please do and report on bug forum TIA

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2005-07-02

version 0.02 on hold

Hi all, newer version is done, but on hold cause some issues have to be solved, either some new functions are needed to work in testing environments. Release date skip to about Aug, 15.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-07-29

phpcomdb 00.01 released

As u can see, first version gone out. Be aware this an alpha for internal check. Now I will use this version to make a project like XOOPS run using phpcomdb. This takes a while, but will help a lot u all to be sure files are so stable to run even in production envs. I mean, after XOOPS running fine with the MySQL interface, I will switch to MSSQL and XOOPS has to running fine either! ;)
Checking files, u can see they are -really- thin, I mean to do useful software sometime u don't need making GBs of code LOL. Next rel will be around july, 15, in the while use bug reports to let me know even baka typos in the source! Have fun!

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-06-26

CVS ok

Finally I'de done the trick! Now I can access CVS using a ssh tunnel on firewall machine. First import seems done. Now I've just to rely on SF specifics for relasing files. See asap!

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-06-21

Files OK, but cvs

Files are done. I've just to deal with cvs access behind a firewall AND a proxy to store them. This the main reason for delay. Be patient a few days more...

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-06-09

First release next week

It seems some tasks were done in no-time (they were really simple stubs, no coding needed to handle theses calls...), this means I will be able to release a first version in next week! This version will be able to run most of major PHP/MySQL projects around here, so more work will be done after some feedback from users and testers. I still need testers for both mysql and mssql interfaces!

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-05-30

Project startup

First release of files will be a small subset of all possible db calls, btw it will be enough to run a small MSSQL-based intranet site I'm in charge of. This will ensure some reliability about the code itself, even in its first version. Additional db calls will be added by the RFE utility. Bugfix has priority on RFE. If u willing to help on testing for MSSQL or MYSQL, please lemme know.

Posted by Andrea Rimicci 2004-05-27