Socks Proxy and different Proxy for each Connection

  • André Saunite

    André Saunite - 2013-05-02


    I would like to request for some features that I am currently missing, the features are:

    1. Be able to use a Socks Proxy (or send the SSH request through a command like "tsocks" or "proxychains")

    2. Be able to define a different proxy for each connection

    I really feel those are useful features, specially for those who, like me, need to connect to a network through a dynamic port forward and use Socks proxy to connect to this network.

  • Pop

    Pop - 2013-06-04

    Hi ..

    If you use tsocks, you will have to solve the "routing" part within tsocks.conf.

    Then on PAC, you can define one global variable and assign the value "tsocks" to it. Then use it in the Prepend command field which you can find in the connection advanced parameters tab while editing your connections.

    Best regards.

    Last edit: Pop 2013-06-04
    • Kane Charles

      Kane Charles - 2013-09-06

      Please see my below post if you are able to help @Pop :)

  • Kane Charles

    Kane Charles - 2013-09-06


    I have been searching for the past day trying to work out how to configure tsocks/pac to work together to use ssh to a remote host via a socks5 proxy.

    I was unable to get it working correctly and couldn't find a great deal of information and instructions online; could you please explain further how to do this?

    It would be nice if PAC manager had a built in feature to assign proxy settings for a particular connection, much the same as putty already has :) as many of the ssh clients I need to connect to are on the other side of a socks proxy.



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