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####################################################################### # This file is part of PAC( Perl Auto Connector) # # Copyright (C) 2010-2015 David Torrejon Vaquerizas # # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by # the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or # (at your option) any later version. # # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of # MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the # GNU General Public License for more details. # # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License # along with this program. If not, see <>. ####################################################################### * PAC (Perl Auto Connector), by David Torrejon Vaquerizas (, is FREE software, released under GNU's GPLv3 license. * PAC is a SecureCRT/Putty/etc (connections manager with automations) equivalent for the Linux world. * FEATURES (by now): - Simple GUI to manage/launch connections to remote machines. - Scripting possibilities, 'ala' SecureCRT - Configurable [Pre|Post]-connection local commands execution. - Configurable list of macros (commands) to execute locally when connected or to send to connected client. - Configurable list of conditional executions on connected machine via 'Expect': . forget about SSH certificates . chain multiple ssh connections . automate tunnels creation . with line-send delay capabilities!! etc... - KeePassX integration! - Ability to connect to machines through a Proxy server! - CLUSTER connections. - TABBED/WINDOWED terminals - Wake On LAN capabilities - Local and Global variables, eg.: write down a password once, use it ANY where, centralizing its modification for faster changes! use them for: . password vault . reusing connection strings - Seamless Gnome/Gtk integration. - Tray icon for 'right button' quick launching of managed connections. Screenshots and statistics! - DEB, RPM and .TAR.GZ packages available - Written in Perl/Gtk (wait, *is* that a feature? Well, it is for me! ;=) - It is FREE (as in freedom)!! and licensed under GNU GPLv3. * INSTALL: - Preferably, use "deb <your_distrib_name>-getdeb apps", but if you can/want not to use it, simply download the corresponding package from "" for your system and install it. - Now you can take a look at your Gnome's menu under "Applications" -> "Internet" -> "PAC", or type "pac" in your terminal. * VERSIONS: - . Fixed *for real* the for perl 5.22 64 bit (... so tired... Forget about, it was just bullshit, and may be this will also be the same). - . Added support for perl 5.22 64bit for library . Minor variable substitution (<ASK:desc|opt1|opt2|...|optN>) bugfixing - . Modified "SSH" Advanced Options, to be more GUI friendly, and with a context menu to show available SSH advance options (those '-o "xx=yy"') . Modified "SFTP" Advanced Options, to be more GUI friendly, and with a context menu to show available SFTP advance options (those '-o "xx=yy"') . Added an option to show the command line that each connection will launch, under "Edit"->"Advanced Parameters"->"Get Command line" . Fixed a bug that prevented some SSH users from forwarding ports: "/" syntax not recognized by *every* SSH client. Goung back to ":" . Minor fixes - . Added support to allow per-connection "select by words" . Nth "/r" fixxxxxxxxxxxxx... :( - . Another "/r" bugfix... (hope it's the last!) - . Fixed a bug with older Perl version not recognizing "/r" regexp modifier (terminal ransparency related...) . Fixed a bug which prevented the use os "word chars" in a "per terminal" basis - . Added support for ARMV7L devices! (Tested on my HTC One M7 phone with Perl v5.20!) . Fixed a bug that prevented terminal transparency from being saved . Fixed a bug that prevented forwarding CLIPBOARD for "rdesktop" connections (xfreerdp is still buggy!) . Removed the <ALT>w shortcut to open the "Wake On LAN" window . Fixed a little bug regarding "autohide connections list on connection open" not working correctly . Fixed a little bug regarding Preferences window not showing again if previously was clos viz the "x" window button . Modified the "Split" routine to try to give same space to splitted terminals - 4.5.5: . Fixed a behaviour that could lead to show VNC passwords on status bar tooltip . Fixed a bug that made main PAC window move on every new terminal creation . Changed behavior to not take a screenshot if "show screenshots" checkbox is unselected . Added support (libraries) for Perl 5.20, in both 32 and 64 bit . Minor code cleanup - 4.5.4: . Added the capacity to change "MOSH" protocol SSH port and Server-side UDP port . Minor bug-fixes - . Fixed nth bug regarding main window not showing when "start minimized" is selected ("blank window" bug!) - . Added "Font Smooth" option to "xfreerdp" connections (may not work on all 'xfreerdp' client versions) Tested with 'freerdp-x11 1.0.2-1' . Finally fixed the problem with Terminal loosing focus when changing from TAB!! :) . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using all the available space for embedded RDP windows . Fixed a regression bug that prevented using both "Auto reconnect" and "Delay char sending" at the same time - . Modified history widget to prevent execution of commands if Terminal is disconnected (strange thing could happen!) . Fixed a bug that prevented the "Config" window from being closed under some circumstances . Changed Wake-on-lan shortcut from <ALT>-o to <ALT>-w . Minor changes to optimize how right-click "SFTP" from SSH connections work . Minor bug fix to prevent showing main connection on very particular circumstances - . Another bugfix for some Gtk2 versions not respecting some methods - . Nth micro bugfix... (I'm so sorry for being such a lame programmer... :( ) - . Added a confirmation dialog when deleting keypress-history . Fixed a bug regarding "Disconnect and restart" session . Added requirement for "libgtk2-unique-perl" library - . Added support for PowerPC 64 bit architecture! (awesome community job!!!) . Added an option to show a list at Terminals right side to show the command history! . Much better algorithm to detect terminal prompt for history to be detected!! . Added support to Bulk Edit EXPECT fields also! . Given some love to Unity's launch icon right click menu (quick conn + local shell) . Added '--password=<pwd>' to allow autologon without interactively asking user for password when PAC's protection is ON . Minor code optimizations - . Added "Run with 'sudo'" under "Method". Password and prompt is defined in "Preferences -> PAC Main Options -> Advanced" . Modified the "autoreconnect on disconnection" to handle better disconnections, and distinguish between correct (manual) and forced disconnections . Minor GUI improvements . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using "autossh" . Little GUI change to make more visible SSH/SFTP's "Advanced options" entry box - . Added support for "other" Gnome2::Vte versions different than 0.9 and 0.10 (0.11??) - . Added "$TERMINAL{get_prompt}" to PAC Scripts' API, in order to "try" to guess connection's prompt with minimal effort . Added an option to allow starting more than one PAC instance (only first instance allows modifying PAC configuration) . Added option "--readonly" to command line to allow starting PAC in READ ONLY mode (no config changes allowed) . Much more love given to PAC Scripts (engine and gui) . Added DONATORS list to PAC on "About" -> "License". To all of you: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! . Added an option to allow to remove or not CONTROL chars when automatinc log saving is active (on both global/pero connection preferences) . Added "--dump-uuid=>uuid>" command line option to dump information about a connection . Added "--scripts" command line option to auto-start PAC Scripts window . Added an option under "Preferences" -> "Terminal Options" -> "Look & Feel" to allow switching TABs with ALT-Left/Right instead of CTRL-PgUp/PgDown . Added shortcut <CTRL><ALT>r to easily remove a Terminal from it's current Cluster . Added $PAC{start_uuid} and $PAC{start_uuid_manual} to Scripting to allow starting sessions based on UUIDs instead of names . Fixed a minor bug for autostarting PAC at session startup - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using a proxy under some circumstances (no ip/port defined on Global Preferences) . Fixed some minor glitch - . Added "Vte.o" library for RASPBERRY "Raspbian" support!! ;) - 4.5.3: . Added support for SOCKs proxies! . Added support for defining proxies configuration PER CONNECTION! :) . Added an option to "Auto save" every PAC change in realtime, without user interaction . Added preliminary date/time information on disconnections . Added support for Perl 5.18 . Fixed a minor bug with PAC <ASK:...> substitution variables . Changed PAC's behaviour to prevent password from appearing on "ps" command for RDP (both rdesktop and xfreerdp commands) - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from starting when a connection was autostarted and "hide to systray" was checked - . Added an option to allow copying or not mouse selection to global clipboard . Added an option to allow choosing whether sending or not a <INTRO> keypress for remote commands/macros . Added '--list-uuids' command line option to list current connections/groups and their corresponding UUIDs . Added '--no-splash' command line option to avoid presenting a splash screen on startup . Added '--iconified' command line option to make PAC go to tray once started . Added an option to open a file manager on current dir (pwd) for Local Shells . Added an option to PAC Scripts's function "$TERMINAL{send_get}" to allow skipping <INTRO> from being sent . Fixed the "star PAC on session startup" behavior . Fixed a bug that prevented right-click menu from appearing when RDP embedded windows were closed - . Added Regular Expressions to "Bulk Edit" . Added options to let user choose what happens when last tab is closed: nothing, close or hide (Preferences -> Terminal options -> Look&Feel) . Added "-r scard" option to "rdesktop" method, in order to be able to use SmartCard authentication . Added SeamlessRDP options to 'RDP' backends . Added options to define prompts for: unknown host key, remote host key changed and pres any key to coninue . Added "--start-shell" command line to auto start a local terminal on PAC startup . Added some "bash completion" for command line options . Added "Clipboard redirection" option for 'xfreerdp' connections (off by default: buggy!) . Added some "love" to PAC man page . Fixed a bug that prevented saving "Width" & "Height" value unless focus out those entry boxes on RDP connections edit . Fixed some minor gui glitches - 4.5.2: . Added support for non UTF-8 encodings in KeePass!! . Added the possibility to have BOTH "rdesktop" and "xfreerdp" connectors at the same time, allowing user to choose which one to use! :) . Added the possibility to "EMBED" RDP windows when using 'xfreerdp' (only tested/working on Ubuntu/Unity). It doesn't always honour the "-X" option :( . Added the possibility to "EMBED" VNC when using 'xtightvnc' (only tested/working on Ubuntu/Unity). It doesn't always provide/honour the embedding option :( . Added an option to not cipher text when exporting connections (more compatibility when importing from another machine) . Added "<KPXRE_GET_(title|username|password|url)_WHERE_(title|username|password|url)==YourPerlRegExp==>" PAC variable to choose a value from KeePass given a source and a Perl Regular Expression ( i.e: <KPXRE_GET_username_WHERE_title==^.*local\d+$==> here, '^.*local\d+$' is the Perl Regular Expression )!! . Added command line option "--start-uuid=<uuid-of-connection-to-start>[:<cluster-where-to-start-it>]" . Added command line option "--edit-uuid=<uuid-of-connection-to-edit>" to start PAC directly editting a connection . Added command line option "--start-script=<script_name_to_start>" to start given script directly on PAC startup . Added command line option "--quick-conn" to start 'Quick Connect' GUI dialog on PAC startup . Added command line option "--preferences" to start 'Preferences' GUI dialog on PAC startup . Added conneciton's "UUID" information on Advanced options of connections . Added right-click populate menu to "Private key" authentication method for both User and Passphrase . Added an option to start/stop automatic string sending from right-click submenu on connections . Changed KeePassX infer behavior to allo using a Regular Expression to match against a Title . Changed PAC behavior when no Gnome2 or Unity are available, allowing user to activate PAC's tray icon . Fixed some bugs with TigerVNC authentications . Fixed a bug with remote RDP forwardings not being correctly saved . Fixed a bug tha tprevented starting RDP terminals with 'xfreerdp' under some circumstances . Fixed a bug with private SSH file not being correctly saved . Other minor code changes / improvements - . Now fixed (for real!) a bug that prevented PAC from starting under rare circumstances.. :( - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from starting under rare circumstances.. :( - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from starting under rare circumstances.. :( - . Added an option to ask user for a "cluster" name when adding a terminal to a cluster when no cluster is selected/exists . Fixed a bug that prevented using non-UTF8 characters . Fixed a bug that prevented saving per connection "Variables" correctly (hmmm... looks like nobody uses this...) . Fixed a minor bug regarding starting *many* connections at a time on groups and subgroups - . Fixed a bug at PAC startup for some systems (not all where affected...) - . Added the possibility to export ALL connections from right click menu on "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" label . Added button so un/select all lines for "Full duplicate connection" window . Fixed another little bug when "refreshing" KeePass preferences window . Improvements "Copy/Paste/Export/Import" methods . Fixed a bug for KeePass that prevented using "special Perl regexp" characters for matching on fields . Fixed a bug regarding "Favourites" and "Recent" connections not starting correctly on "Clusters" with right click menu . Fixed a little bug with renaming connections on root . Small code fixes - . Oooops... I did it again... :( I forgot to add a couple of fixes for KeePass... . Fixed PACShell not respecting initial directory . Added a... know......errrr........ Hell! Yes! I just put a "Dumb Easter Egg"(TM) ;) - . Code changes for PACShell (now, part of PACTerminal), so better intergration with PAC functionalities (clusters, search, etc.) . Added options to KeePass to add "URL" searches . Speed improvement on KeePass integration (right-click menus, startup terminals, etc.) . Added an option to no append group name to newly created connections ("Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" -> "Automatically append group name to...") . Added a "best effor" option to set title based on server hostname (you know: *best effort*! No promises at all! :) <Shift><Ctrl>g and right-click menu - . Fixed a bug for new tray code changes (shame on me...) - 4.5.1: . Added support for native Ubuntu's "application indicator" (tray unavailable since 13.04) if "libgtk2-appindicator-perl" is installed . Disabled tray icon for Gnome-shell (Gnome3) environment (no support by now) . Added "-N" option for 'SSH' connections . Added shortcuts for "Reset Terminal" (<Shift><Ctrl>x) and "Reset and Clear Terminal" (<Shift><Ctrl><Alt>x) . Added an option to load "KeePass" DDBB "On demand" (off by default) everytime it is required, instead of on menu creation (if 'off', faster menu building) . Modified "KeePass" code to offer a list when more than one strings matches a regexp, with an option to always choose the first without asking. . Fixed a bug that prevented using "strange" characters for RDP connections (like: $, @, etc.) . Modified Black&White tray icon . Fixed screenshots/statistics not being reset when copying/duplicating connections . RPM package bugfixing (conflict with "filesystem" package!) . Nth change to detect Vte version 0.10 (Perl 5.16 w/o Fedora18??) with cleaner code (and less problems!) - . Fixed a bug that made the "select by word" fail when "Use these personal settings" was checked in a connection. . Another modified installation code to deal with Vte 0.09 and 0.10 versions - . Added "clipboard redirection" for "xfreerdp" connection method . Modified installation code to deal with Vte 0.09 and 0.10 versions . Fixed a bug that affected copy/pasting multiple nodes more than once . Fixed a bug that made PAC die whe "Restar ALL terminals" was pressed on PCC and some terminals where already disconnected . Minor fixes - . Added an option under "Preferences" -> "Terminal Options" -> "Look and Feel" to allow hidding the bottom status bar . Removed PAC main's bottom status bar ("too" many pixels just to know how many terminals are open ;) . Fixed a security bug that prevented using more than 8 characters for PAC "lock/unlock GUI" feature. After update, *YOU NEED TO REACTIVATE THIS FUNCTIONALITY* in order to use it again (sorry for this...) . Fixed a bug that prevented saving confgs if "Infer from KeePass" is checked but no username/password was introduced . Fixed a bug that prevented the keyboard focus from being setup on focused tabs . Fixed a bug that prevented removing a cluster . Added the possibility to temporary change "LOCAL - SHELL" label (right-click mouse menu over terminao) . Some aesthetic code changes . Some minor code changes - 4.5: . Initial KeePassX support: new right-click menu options and User/Password setup!! (checkout "Preferences" -> "KeePassX Options") . Minor GUI modifications to move options to different TABs (advanced, look and feel, etc.) . Minor code changes for VNC handling . Minor <Ctrl> glitches . Added another control for detecting "Press any key to continue" when connecting - . Added an option to selectively force to always/never or use default config for using or not Proxy to connect . Moved the "start new local shell" keyboard shortcut from <Ctrl>t to <Ctrl><Alt>t . Moved <Ctrl>t/d shortcuts to <Ctrl><Shift>t/d (new terminal/duplicate), in order to avoid WindowManager/connection conflicts - . Fixed a bug with 'freerdp' that prevented some connections from happening . Added <Ctrl><Shift>Tab option to back on Tabs change - 4.4.1: . Modified the "Remote" and "Local" macors buttons/comboboxes to alphabetically sort defined macros . Added "WebDAV" connection method via "cadaver" binary . Added an option to choose when "incremental search" on connections, to search on Name, IP/Host or Description . Added the possibility to reorganize Connections TABS (cluster, history, favourites and connections) . Added an option to modify <CTRL><Tab> behaviour: goto next tab or goto last used tab . Added a "Description" view for the "Check Auto Cluster condition" . Added "LowColourLevel" support for "TigerVNC" connections . Added an option to remove running terminals from cluster being deleted . Added more options for "RDP" when 'freedrp-x11' is in use . Added "Clusters" to right-click context menu for PAC Tray icon . Added an option to close ALL terminal from right-click context menu on both Vte and Tab, and also <CTRL><SHIFT>F4 shortcut . Fixed some NLS problems authenticating for RDP . Fixed some minor bug - 4.4: . Added Clusters saving!! A new TAB has just arrived at main "Connections" TAB, where you may launch already saved "Clusters". Included "Auto Clusters"!! . Added an option to choose "Info" TAB font (now defaults to "monospace") . Added "-depth" support for "TightVNC" connections . Added some GUI artwork changes and fixes - . Added Vte support for Perl 5.16 . Modified the "Remote commands" code to send button commands to every node in cluster (if new gui box is checked) - . Minor bugfixes - . Fixed a bug that prevented from starting PAC under a certain circumstance (regression bug!) - 4.3.1: . Added a checkbox in the "Choose private key file", "Choose screenshot file" and "Autosave session log" dialogs, in order to allow "Show hidden files" . Added an option to change the "combo box" for a "list of buttons" (ala SecureCRT) for remote commands (macros) under "Preferences" . Modified the "Statistics" behavior to allow resetting stats for all pac and or groups . Fixed an aesthetical bug regarding "Public" key file instead of "Private" key file . Fixed a minor bug that prevented the macrosbox from appearing at the bottom of the terminal . Fixed a bug that prevented "Local Shell" from receiving keyboard shortcuts . Another little bugfix regarding local/remote macros not showing properly on PAC GUI - 4.3: . Awesome PAC startup speed improvement, specially when *too many* connections are configured! . Added options to allow/deny both visible/audible terminal bell . Added DnD method for the "Local Shell" tab to untab . Added <Ctrl><Alt>d shortcut to duplicate current connection . Added <Shift><Ctrl><Alt>d shortcut to *FULL* duplicate current connection . Fixed a bugt that prevented PAC from working properly with "local executions on disconnection" . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from correctly working if both "rdesktop" and "xfreerdp" packages were installed . Modified the "Save" connection method to not to allow saving if any error encountered . Fixed erroneous check for "cu" connections on save - . Added support for "mosh" connection method (MObile SHell) . Another change to handle Ctrl/Shift/Alt combos (many complaints...) . Added some other shotcuts (Ctrl+t -> open a new local shell, ...) - . Finally added a good/working version for CTRL-SHIFT-6 (Cisco ping-break combo) . Little code to avoid the right-ALT (mod2-mask) from being read (bugs reported!) - . Added an option on the right-click menu over terminals to make an SFTP connection if current connection is SFTP . Fixed a bug that prevented some operations on groups, like starting every connection on a cluster . Added "auto indentation" for the GtkSourceView2 widget (PACScripts) . Little modification for the "USERNAME prompt" field . Changed the "Close terminal on disconnection" option to close only if no "bad exit" is detected (no route to host, bad password, ...) . Fixed a little bug that made weird things with the "Description" text when using "Favourites" - 4.2.3: . Added a "Quick Connect" button . Added support for IBM's 3270/5250 connection method! (thanks, Grant Williamson!) - . Added an option to choose Connection's tree Font . Added an option to start connections from within login shells (the one defined at "Preferences" -> "Local Shell Options") . Little code change to suggest the installation of some packages (cu, rdesktop, ...) in case their binaries are not found . Deep code changes for the "" and "" modules, for better object managing and code clarity . Modified the port-forwarding options to delete the "insert time" radiobutton, and set the "Local Port" as default sorting method . Fixed a bug that prevented saving a SSH connection if the same local port was defined for forwarding, even if on different local ips - 4.2.2: . Experimental ARM support (32 bit ARM library included, thanks to 'sourcefabric') . Added an option to sort SSH's local/remote/dynamic forwardings by several criteria . Added a check for SSH's local/remote/dynamic not to allow repeating same Local Ports . Modified the "Method" text to not link to specific commands (now, 'VNC' appears instead of 'vncviewer', 'RDP' instead 'rdesktop', and so on...) . Modified both History and Favourites tree to update GUI when selection changes . Fixed a bug that could misconfigure the GUI's "Port" property of connections . Fixed a bug that made the keyboard focus move when starting connections - 4.2.1: . Improved and new options to the conditional 'Expect' widgets . Added support for "autossh" (if installed) with 'ssh' connections . Added a tooltip over connections tree to show info on hovered connection ("Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" -> "Show connections tooltips", OFF by default) . Added an option to "quote" the connection command when using "Prepend command" . Added an option under "Preferences" -> "Terminal options" to hide the "Connections" submenu from right-click terminal menu (speed up menu appearing, OFF by default) . Improve handling for uninstalled packages, giving hints about them (RDP, VNC and Serial connection methods) . Fixed some minor bug about using Pango reserved characters (<, >, ...) . Other minor gui glitches . Removed from the dependecy list 'xtightvncviewer', 'tigervnc' and 'rdesktop', for both DEB and RPM packages, and moved to the Suggestes department - 4.2: . Added a Notebook to contain the connections tree and two new categories: favourites and history !! . Added "Conditional Expect" !! Wow!! :) Checkout your per-connection "Expect" tab and take a look at those new little options on the right side . Added a new Time Out variable for finer conditional "Expect" chaining . Added an option to send local/global/environment variables values to a terminal via right-click menu! . Added an option to "Chain" a given connection via terminal right-click menu! . Added an option to execute a command without user confirmation on connection "Pre exec" and "Post exec" . Fixed a bug that could make some connections stop responging/disconnecting when resizing terminal's window . Fixed a regression bug that prevented the use of "Authentication fallback prevention" . Fixed an ultra-minor reression bug that prevented the "connections tree lines" from appearing if that option was checked . Code improvements for the auto show/hide connections tree . Fixed minor-gui glitches regarding auto-hide connections - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from starting if there is no network and "Check update" is active . Minor gui fixes - . Added code to use the newest 'dconf' architecture to detect correctly any proxy system-wide enabled . Added the ability to PCC to execute "Explode/Retab/Close all/Restart" in *every* connection if that option is checked . Fixed a minor bug that prevented "Bulk Edit" on single-selected connections . Fixed a regression bug that made unusable the "TAB / Window title" option for non-english languages . Added some sanity checks to PAC's config file . Modified the <ASK:...> method to allow simple strings beyond integers an listas of description|val_1|...|val_n - . Added the PAC variable <PASS>, which references connection's configured password . Modified the "Statistics" labels to show well-tabulated data . Major improvement to the "Check for update" method . Change PAC behaviour to forcefully prevent from starting more than one instance . Fixed a bug that prevented using *rare* characters (#, &, ...) in passwords for RDP connections under some circumstances . Fixed a bug that prevented "Pasting" on PAC Shell with right-click menu option - 4.1.2: . Added the option to autostart PAC Scripts on connections startup . Once again, more Cluster bug fixes... omg, 1 new feature, 1 million new bugs... :( *that's* me programming!! - . Added UTF-8 support for more text fields (password, title, ...) . RE-fixed the problem with right-click menu and copy/paste/paste_special - 4.1.1: . Fixed a bug that makes the "Embed" in TAB option for RDesktop option make it fail on recent Gtk libraries . Fixed some buggy "Copy" selection to clipboard . Fixed a creepy bug about right-click . Fixed a bug that prevented "Shells" from getting immediate keyboard focus . Fixed a bug regarding Clusters (every keystroke was being sent to every terminal) . RE-fixed the problem with session logs - 4.1: . Lightning fast startup of terminals! . Added an option under PCC -> "single line entry" to allow showing what you type, and sending commands to cluster on INTRO keypress . Added a "$out = $TERMINAL{send_get}( 'command' )" convenience function to PAC Scripts: EXECUTE and then RECEIVE its output (not every terminal type supports this!) . Re-added a "Goto TAB" option for rith-click menu on TABs (useful when too many TABs are open!) . Better handling of full export/import oc PAC configs . Fixed a minor glitch regarding pre-v4.01 and "session logs" with new config directory structure . Fixed a regression bug thet prevented the "Paste and Delete..." (<ctrl>b) on Terminals from *deleting* the entered string . Other ultra-minor/almost-transparent/cuasi-invisible glitches... :) - 4.0.1: . Moved "$HOME/.pac" config directory to "$HOME/.config/pac" . Fixed a regression bug that prevented "Chaining" and "FULL Duplicate" connections (not very used, but features in the end! ;) . Fixed a bug that prevented the "mouse-over" action to show connections list from working on "Local shell" terminal - 4: . Added "Scripts". Yeah!!! The only *good* thing that SecureCRT had and PAC did not, has just arrived to PAC Manager (but much better, of course! ;) Check out all sample scripts provided, and let your imagination do the rest! . PAC Scripts are written in Perl, and the built-in editor has syntax highlighting (if 'libgtk2-sourceview2-perl' is installed) and syntax checking . Modified the DEBIAN package dependencies list: rdesktop, xtightvncviewer, cu and remote-tty moved to "Recommended" section of Debian package . PCC Multiline <PIPE:...> and <TEE:...> algorythm modified: added <PIPE:cmd:prompt> to allow user choosing the output pattern to match for end of cmd execution detection . Added an option to move the connections tree to the right side . Added an option to prevent the connections tree from appearing on mouse over . Modified the login string for SSH in order to use the "-l" parameter, to allow using "@" in usernames . Added a routine to add 'pac' to Unity's systray-whitelist (enable systray ICON!!) You need to restart your X session (or Unity) for changes to apply . Substituted the "*ALL PAC TERMINALS*" cluster by a checkbox . Better management for <PIPE:cmd[:prompt]> PAC variable . Fixed a bug that made the "xfreerdp" option unavailable . Added "libvte9" as dependency . Added right-click options for new PAC variables (UUID, DATE_x, ...) to many entry boxes . Fixed some minor bug - 3.4: . Added a *pretty* powerful PAC variable <PIPE:local command> to PCC to allow piping output from remote executions throught "local command". That is: execute whatever, and parse it locally (in your PC!) . Added a "<TEE:path_to_file>" PAC variable under PCC to "tee" commands' output to files . Now, if "auto-hide connections list" is checked (on), moving the mouse to the left side of terminals will make the tree appering, and reverse . Added the possibility to choose the name of auto-saved session logs, including patterns! (<IP>, <USER>, <NAME>, <TITLE>, <DATE_Y>, <TIME_H>, ...) Checkout tooltips! . Added an option to choose whether remove or not the ESCape sequences from the saved log file . Added support for "xfreerdp" (an alternative for 'rdesktop'). Anyway, I still prefer "rdesktop", and if both binaries are found, 'rdesktop' will be used. . Added an option to allow disabling the "F11 (fullscreen)" keystroke in Terminals ("Preferences" -> "Terminal Options" -> "Prevent F11 from going fullscreen") . Added a special cluster named " *ALL PAC TERMINALS*", which allow quick controlling *every* terminal from PCC, without individually asigning Terminals to clusters . Added a way to remember PCC's Window latest status (size, position and multiline input state) . Added an option to remember latest syntax highlighting for multi line text entry at PCC . Added an option to auto-start a local Shell upon PAC startup. . Added a "Restart All" button to PCC, in order to be able to restart every clustered terminal (added by petition) . Added the old "/etc/termcap" file in source code, in order to use it if it does not exist in present linux installation (somewhat, buggy...) . Modified the <CMD:...> PAC variable to: echo it's output if multiline or sending string for executing into terminal if result is single line . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using "Private SSH keys" with a space on its path . Fixed a bug that could make the "Import" phase failing with a "Ciphertext does not begin with a valid header for 'salt'..." . Minor bugfixes - . Adde the "-via" option for VNC connections (not much tested!) . Fixed a bug that prevented saving some non-ascii characters ( eg: € ) in password and other entry boxes . Fixed a potential bug regarding disconnected SOCKETS - . Added an option to allow disabling the key bindings for CTRL, ALT and SHIFT per Connection and in PAC's main UI . Fixed a bug that preventing any "Generic" connection method from using the "Expect" capabilities - 3.3.10: . Added an option to password-protect PAC at startup and when restoring from tray (both optional) . Added a check to ansure that the user does not accidentally starts *many* connections at once by drag 'n dropping groups . Fixed a bug that prevented <Ctrl><Shift><v> from correctly pasting text (it appended "^M" at the end) . Fixed a bug regarding password with *strange* characters (#, $, etc...) for RDP connections . Removed the <Ctrl><left/right> keyboard shortcut to change between tabs (conflict with some SSH functionalities!) . Removed the the four Gnome2::Vte libraries (.rpm and .deb files) from the /opt/pac/res directory - . Added an option under "Preferences" to check for new PAC versions on demand (clicking a button) . Added <Ctrl><left/right> to switch between TABs . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC form entering '#' (hash) starting passwords in RDP (rdesktop) connections . Fixed a minor bug that prevented saving the forwarded port for SSH connections under some circumstances - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from importing a previously exported YAML file via "Preferences" -> "Export to... YAML file" . Added shortcut <Ctrl><Shift>6 to send a "Telnet Escape Character" to the current terminal . Removed the toolip from the the PCC multi-line entry - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from working with Perl 5.14 (for both 32 and 64 bit OSes) . Added a right-click menu option to "Expand/Collapse" all under Connections tree - . Fixed a serious bug that prevented the righ-click context menu from appearing if there were Nodes with "strange" characters (backslash, slash, ...) - . Fixed a bug that made PAC show the "<b>" Pango tags under the Tray connections menu... :) . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC's main windows from remember its "Connections Tree" size - 3.3.9: . Added an option ( <Alt>r ) to "Protect" nodes/groups from being edited/deleted/cut/... (identified by an Orange background) . Modified the Groups name to appear in "Bold" . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using "New node/group" button when "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" (first row) was selected - . Added field "title" and "user for publickey passphrase" to the list of values to be "bulk-edited" . Added the possibility to also do "bulk editting" on Groups, selecting the depth of modifications you want: 1st level or ALL sub-levels children . <Alt><e> now also opens the "Bulk Edit" dialog . Added "Local Shell" connection to the right-click context menu of "Shell" - 3.3.8: . Added a very demanded "Bulk Edit" option, which allows changing *some* values (by now: ip, port, user, pass and passphrase) . Added an option to allow modifying the same field from above for the selected connections before exporting (to avoid saving passwords, hidde-fields, etc) - 3.3.7: . Added Statistics to show the: numbers a connection has been made, tha last time it was connected, ... . Added a "Local Shell" option for the "New connection" right-click submenus . Little modification to the string appearing at the start/stop of any execution (shorter/cleaner string) . Fixed a bug that under some weird circumstances, could make PAC go to 100% CPU usage . Fixed a bug that prevented pasting with mouse-middle-click if selection was outside PAC's terminals . Minor icon changes . Ultra-minor code changes - . Ehem... welll... detected it's actual version as a new one... always... :( ...ehemm... - . MANDATORY UPGRADE . Fixed a bug that made PAC fail under some circumstances (still debuggin right-click new menus!!!) :( . Removed an unneeded timer for the Tray icon . More bug fixes... . I think I finally fixed a bug that prevented launching connections from the tray's right-click context menu - . Added an option to check for new PAC versions on PAC startup and notify if they are found . Modified the "slow send keypress" to also affect to the pasted text . Moved the "New connection..." right-click submenu to the first place - . Fixed a bug that prevented *any* modification in the "Preferences" window - . Added an option to send keystrokes slowly (every X configured milliseconds) . Fixed a bug that prevented a "Local Shell" from being started . Fixed a bug that prevented a new connectiona from being launched from the Tray Icon - . Changed the behavior of PAC's tray icon, in order to appear on KDE based desktops again . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC Terminal from showing its right-click menu under some conditions . Restored the "sensitive" property for context menus . Restored the "tooltip" property for context menus . Little GUI additions - . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from starting if it did not find the Gtk2::SoureceView2 Perl package :( (my fault!) . Fixed a regression bug that prevented the use of the middle-click to paste on terminal - 3.3.6: . Big changes have been made to code, in order to use Gtk2::UIManager and Gtk2::ActionGroup, for better Gtk3 and future integration of [popup]menus . Code modification to allow using PAC without the Gtk2::SourceView2 dependency (simply, force the installation without that package, and it'll work) . Added a <Ctrl>d shortcut on connections to CLONE . Modified the "Rename connection" GUI to allow changing both NAME and TAB/Window TITLE at the same time . Fixed a bug that made some connections fail if the TITLE string was not in plain English . Fixed a bug that allowed inserting connections/groups *before* the "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" node . Prevented renaming "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" row by pressing "F2" - 3.3.5: . Finally, changed the "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" from being a "parent node" (less indentation, more space, cleaner UI) . Added an independent "User" entry for the "Public key" authentication method . Added a button to open "Wake On Lan" GUI to allow sending "Magic packets" to any MAC address (no only those configured in PAC) . Forced PCC's sysntax higlight text font to "monospace" . Fixed a bug that prevented the "Autostart at session startup" from being persistent - 3.3.4: . Added "Syntax highlighting" to the Textview of Power Cluster Controller, with options to load/save the text it contains! . Added a "Retab" button to the "Power Cluster Controller", in order to let the user Re-tab those independent connections' windows . Fixed a bug that prevented sending <Ctrl>f to a terminal (instead, the Incremental Search dialog appeared!) . Minor configuration saving modifications . Minor code cleanup - . Fixed a bug that preventedlaunching some connections because of a missing character :( - . Fixed a bug regarding the "Prevent single window keystroke broadcast" from "PCC" not working as expected . Fixed a bug that made appear the "Incremental search" options when hidding and then showing the Connections tree view . Added shortcut <Ctrl><Shift>B to do "Paste and delte" on terminals . Modified <Ctrl>f to make the incremental search appear work wherever the Connections tree has the focus or not (on Terminals, the shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F) . Moved Terminal's Copy/Paste/Paste and delete from submenu to main right-click menu - 3.3.3: . Added a right-click option over Connections tree to Import/Export connections to/from ".yml" (YAML) files!! Finally!! ;) . Added a better "Incremental Search" for Connections (start typing to get results, or do <Ctrl>f), which accepts Perl Regular Expressions . Added some transparent automatic backups with different confi file formats, to avoid some buggy Perl libraries not importing data from previous versions . Modified the load configuration function to make a best-effort into loading *any* valid previous config file - . Added an dialog to allow the user choose the file where to export the YAML data (from the "Edit" window) and it's format (by now, YAML and Perl Data::Dumper) . Added some checks ir order to avoid data loss when changing between 32 / 64 bit OS (what a pain!) . Modified the exit routine to *ALWAYS* save a .yml config file, in order to always have a fully machine independent config file (no matter 32 or 64 bit) . More cleanup code for config files - . Added an option (under 'Power Cluster Controller') to write commands on a text entry, and send it at once to the cluster! (exec all, selected or block!) . Added an option in the "Chain" gui to optionally allow sending Chains to all the elements of a cluster . Fixed a bug that prevented the exported .YML file from being password-encrypted (and thereby, it could not be used to restore it from backup) . Fixed a bug that prevented Re-tabbing a tab when it was "fulscreened" . Modified the <Ctrl>+number in order to act the same way whenever tabbed window is in main pac window or in a window apart - 3.3.2: . Added some code to automate the deletion of "offending keys" from the known_hosts file . Little modification to allow choosing wether to send or not a <RETURN> for every command in the "chaining" connection . Little modification to allow manual-change of the TAB title when chaining . Added an option under "Preferences" to "Export to YAML" the whole configuration. No, no XML (Defective By Design, like PAC ;), but YAML. Read about it. . Fixed a bug that prevented the "log amount to save" from the "Edit" window to save the correctly provided value . Fixed a bug that could prevent some chains/full duplications from being correctly handled . Modified the 'load/save' routines in order to use standard "Storable" functions . Modified the packages in order to include dependencies for telnet, ftp ans openssh . Faster PAC close when auto-save is turned on . Minor code cleanup and optimizations - 3.3.1: . Added a GUI to choose the recorded commands to send to a "FULL Duplicated Connection" and the "Time" between commands . Fixed a bug that prevented saving "Terminal character encoding" for particular connections . Minor code cleanup - 3.3: . Added Drag And Drop method to "Chain" one connection's "Expect/Execute" chains with an already already running connection!!!! (DND one conn A from the connections Tree into a running TAB/Window conn B, choose conn A expect/execute tuples from the popup, click OK, and see how those "Chains" are automated into conn B !!) . Added another option for right-click context menu on "Edit" entry boxes: added the possibility to create a list of choices for the user to choose (beyond the old free-type user input!!) . Added a "Pretty-powerful-but-hard-to-debug" option ( <CMD:command to launch> ) to execute commands to get values like those from <GV:#>, <ENV:env_variable>, etc... (image the possibility to use the next string in the "Host" entry box: <CMD:exec bash -c "if [[ 'x`pgrep -f vpn_A`' != 'x' ]]; then echo -n '<GV:Pasarela_VPN_A>'; else echo -n '<GV:Pasarela_VPN_B>'; fi"> Of course, having predefined both "Gateway_A" and "Gateway_B" under "Preferences" -> "Global Variables" ... F**K YEAH!!!!!! And the same applies to the rest of entry boxes!! (checkout <CMD:*> right-clicking over entry boxes) . Added another option to "FULL Duplicate connection" (terminal right-click button), that is: duplicate and send every registered keystroke!! (beware! ;) . Added an option to show/hide lines in the Connections Tree . Minor GUI modification for the "Preferences" Window . Fixed a minor GUI bug that prevented the "Connections list" panel size to be restored if PAC starts maximized . Fixed a minor bug regarding personal background color for splitted connections in TABs . Minor bug-fixing and code cleanup - . Fixed a bug regarding "Copy/Cut/Paste"-ing the connections . Fixed a minor bug that prevented getting the keyboard focus on the connections tree at PAC startup . Little "right-click" menu modification on Terminals to remove the "Disconnect" option from under the "Duplicate" connection option - 3.2.1: . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from working correctly when "autostarting" connections at PAC startup if those connections had "PreExec" configurations - 3.2: . Added an option per connection to make it auto execute when PAC starts . Added an "Auto reconnect" option for every session: if checked, connections will be automatically respawned every time they appear disconnected . Added an option to set the background color of TABs per individual connections . Added some checking to prevent the config file from being polluted... hmmm... :( - . Fixed a regression bug that prevented "Pre/Post Exec" commands from being executed!! (I see nobody cares about this PAC functionality... ;) - . Fixed a regression bug that prevented a connection from being "duplicated"/"cloned" . Added a dependency (gtk2-engine-pixbuf) in order to avoid Gtk warnings in distros with recent Gtk software - . Added support for 'TigerVNC', including embedding VNC connection in a PAC TAB!! . Really removed the UUID perl dependency in favour of OSSP::uuid . Removed 'cu' and 'remote-tty' as dependencies: now, if they are installed, they'll appear, other else, they will not. . Fixed some code to avoid unmet dependencies - . Added 'OSSP::uuid' as a PAC dependency for better RPM based distros compatibility. . Added the ability to save the width of the connections list between sessions . Modified the build procedure to include a "version-named" directory . Fixed a bug that prevented "Exploding" less than 3 Terminals . Fixed a minor bug regarding a .png file not being copied - 3.1.3: . Added an "Programaticcaly send string" option to allow sending a given string + INTRO every some seconds to the terminal (allows PAC variables and so!!) . Added an "Automatic Take Screenshots" option . Added some code to keep the .pac/screenshots directory cleaner and more consistent . Added an option to automatically UNSPLIT disconnected Terminals in "Preferences" -> "Terminal Options" . Fixed a bug that prevented an embedded 'rdesktop' terminal from being detached from the TABbed view using Drag 'n Drop . Fixed a bug that made made a splitted connection to close the whole TAB when "Cloe terminal on disconnect" was selected . Fixed a minor bug that prevented correct colouring of TABs labes whith "Splitted" connections . Fixed a minor bug that made an unfocused TAB to steal keyboard-focus on connect . Modified PAC to not allow the TABs to be "focused" (annoying!) - 3.1.2: . One million dependencies removed!! :) Now, Gnome2::Vte Perl library goes embedded in PAC source code!! . Added an option to "Paste and Delete" on Terminals: paste text omitting the specified string/regex . Removed the "ssh-askpass-gnome" dependency . Fixed a minor bug that prevented using specific options for Text/Bold/Back color for Terminals (regression bug) . Minor gui changes for the right-click context menu on terminals to reduce its size . Minor code cleanup - . Added an option to convert SSH/SFTP's '-o "IdentityFile=/your/public/keyfile"' to the corresponding "Publickey authentication method" . Added an option to allow authentication fallback . Fixed "Passphrase" not being encrypted in the config file . Fixed some minor gui bug . Some code cleanup - 3.1.1: . New proxyfied connections 'pac_conn' code (faster and more reliable) . Modified the "connections tree" to sort the connections in a case-insensitive way . Added an option to allow more than one disk redirect for "RDP" connections . Added a "Disconnect session" option for the right-click menu on Terminals . Added an option to allow not to show the "Tray Icon" . Added a "Close ALL" button to the "Power Cluster Controller" to close every terminal in selected cluster . Fixed a little annoyance with the PCC and "keypress propagation" . Fixed a minor bug regarding the "Explode" button of "PCC" - . Fixed a little bug that prevented the "Manual" input of "user/pass" under some circumstances . Removed some annoying error output on the Terminals - . Modified "ssh/sftp" connection code to handle way better the "Advanced Options" . Fixed a bug with the 'vnc' connections - 3.1: . Added a GUI option to use an SSH/SFTP publick key/passphrase for authentication . Back to 'freezed' config file format for PAC (file size grow bug fixed): *Faster* load/save operations, but config file obfuscation . Removed "FreezeThaw" Perl dependency (freeze/thaw retrieve from the already used "Storable" Perl module: faster!) . Added minor Drag And Drop support for the 'Expect' tab page of the "Edit" window . Added an option in Default Preferences to remember PAC's main window when closed . Added some cfg checks (with GUI feedback!) when saving connections data . Added support for VNC 'unix' username authentication . Fixed a *serious* bug regarding "Copy/Cut/Paste" of connections . Minor fix for "generic" connection type . Minor GUI changes for 'Edit' and 'Preferences' windows - . Fixed a bug that made the config file grow and grow indefinitely with every "Save" execution . Fixed a bug that prevented starting some connections . Removed the ".svn" directories from the ".tar.gz" distribution - . Some bug fixes, including those regarding with PAC prev3 migration... :( - 3.0.1: . Added "Expect" capabilities for the "Generic" connection method . Rolled back the config file to the old-and-slow .YML format (terrible bugs made me take this decision!) . Fixed a bug regarding the "Clone" option - 3.0: . Finally, added a "tree view" to present the list of connections (any level of folding allowed!) . Added Drag 'n Drop support to start connections in Windows or Tabs! You may even drag connections to the "Cluster Administration" window!! . Added a new "Power Cluster Controller" way to manage the clusters, 'a la' "clusterssh" (try 'Exploding' the clustered terminals ;) . Added an entry in "Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" to choose the "Word Delimiting Characters" . Added support to start terminals directly into clusters . Added an option to select the "word delimiter" characters . Added an option to choose the 'backspace key binding' both globally and per terminal . Added an option to specify the "Terminal Emulation" (xterm, ansi, vt100, whatever...) . Added a couple of mnemonics for PAC's Main Window . Added an option to choose the "bold" color of the text in both "globally" and "per connection" . Modified the management of PAC's pid file to allow multi user concurrent execution . Modified the config file for speed purposes. As a collateral effect, I ofuscated it :( . Modified the code to support the 'iso-8859-1' text encoding (finally!) . Modification to avoid specifying the 'telnet' port when using the standard one (23) . Fixed an error that prevented a MAC Address from being saved from session to session when using "Wake On Lan" utility . Fixed some minor bug about multiusers . Fixed a strange bug that made PAC go out of memory under rare circumstances . Fixed a minor bug not showing the main window when restoring from the System Tray (KDE) (thanks goes to Fabio Rossi) . Fixed a couple of regression bug whrn 'Renaming' or 'Cutting' a connection . Fixed a minor bug that prevented a "rdesktop" shared folder name from being showed in the "Edit" window - . Added a right-click option over the connections list to start more up to 10 instances of every selected connection . Added a "Windows Domain" option tor RDP connections under the 'rdesktop' options of the connection editting window . Modified some <Ctrl><c> keypress to try to avoid some undesired disconnections . Added mnemonics for saving/closing the "Edit" and "Preferences" windows . Ultra-minor connection editor GUI changes - . *AMAZING* speed improvement for starting connections when you have *many* sessions saved!! (almost instant connection opening!!) ;) . Minor GUI changes for the "Edit Connection" window . Little GUI change for the "" file, to re-allow the autosize of entry boxes - . Solved the bug that prevented restarting the terminals just by pressing "Intro" - . Added a right-click option on connections list to clone a connection . Added a workaround to solve a problem with keyborad focus on embedded RDP connections, plus a "get focus" button was added for thos connections . Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from choosing more than one connection when a connection was already opened . Little bugfix that prevented PAC from asking for confirmation on exit whith connected sessions . Added a check to disable any connection method not found in the system (for forced intstallations...hummmm...those RPM based...) . Modified a couple of RPM dependencies names ('cu' to 'cunit', 'xtightvncviewer' to 'tightvnc', removed 'ssh-askpass-gnome') . Modified the SSH method options page to show the "Local port forwarding" tab by default . Modified the "Hostkey changed" SSH connection pattern matching for better performance . Added a little utility '' that allows you to build an initial pac.yml file from an MCM exported file . Added a check to build '$HOME/.config/autostart' required for PAC to work with 'Autostart when session starts' - . Added an option to restart closed connections by pressing <ENTER> . Added MAC address saving for WakeOnLan . Modified the code to do 'symlink' instead of 'link' when checking 'AutostartPAC at session startup' (thanks to Fabio) . Little info addition for [dis]connection in the terminal itself . Added an option to skip confirmation on PAC exit . A little bit of ultra-minor code cleanup . Added some modifications for the RPM builder (implicitly included some dependencies) - . Added 'parity', 'halfduplex' and 'nostop' options to 'cu' connection method . Added the 'libsocket6-perl' dependency - . Added an option to choode the Terminal encoding type (both globally and per saved terminal) . Added the possibility to define GLOBAL "Remote/Local" macros definitions (good for not repeating every command for every new connection) . Fixed a bug that prevented using "-" characters for "Local/Remote/Dynamic" port forwarding! . Fixed a bug that prevented doing substitution (global vars, etc) on WakeOnLan window . Little code movements to ensure correct IPv6 handling (specially for 'ssh' connection method) - . SSH method: GUI mofifications for the editing window . SSH method: added support for more than on "Dynamic Socks Proxy" . Added <Alt><c> (show/hide connections list) support to the "Local Shell" . Moved temporary files from /tmp to $HOME/.pac/tmp for security reasons . Moved General "Timeouts" from its own tab to "Terminal Options" tab under "Preferences" . This is a "premature" release because of Sourceforge's recent attack - . Added the right-click Terminal menu to the terminal's TAB . Added a "Duplicate connection" option in Terminal's right-click contextual menu . Added righ-click context menu to "Prepend command" entry box to fill with environment/local/global PAC variables . Modified the connection's "Copy/Paste" code to change the TAB title accordingly with the new connection name . Fixed some global/local/environment variables not being properly updated on connected client . Added options under "Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" and individually for every Terminal to modify both the USERNAME loging regexp and the PASSWORD regexp!! . Added some user/password expect strings . Little GUI modification for global 'Preferences' UI - . Fixed a minor bug that prevented any old-PAC-configured terminal from being opened where it should (TAB or Window) . Added righ-click context menu to IP, Port, User and Password entry boxes to fill with local/global PAC variables . Added a splash screen (optional) to PAC startup (it's not that PAC takes too long to start but, you know, it's not as *fast* as older versions... ;) . Modified the <Alt><c/n> behavior over Terminals to *toggle* connection list visibility - 2.5.5: . Added the possibility to embed "RDesktop" (RDP) windows in PAC's TABS!! . Added a new "generic" connection method: launch *any* command you want (xdg-open mypicture.jpg, or /usr/bin/firefox, for example!) . Added the possibility to choose a default/perl-profile new connections window size and launch mode (TAB/Windowed) . Little GUI modification to clarify the "Proxy" option in "Preferences", previeweing "System proxy" (if any!) - . Solved a bug that made PAC "eat" one CPU when closing a still connected TAB . Added an option to hide the most-bottom buttons - . Added a highly demanded option to 'Prepend command' (eg. add the string 'tsocks' to the beggining of the connecting string) . Added options to the "cu" method - . Added an option to 'auto hide' the 'connections list' in order to have more horizontal space . Moved the "Close tab button (X)" to the right side of tabs (Gnome-compliant??) . Ultra-low code cleanup . First release with RPM package format at Sourceforge - . Fixed a bug regarding executing terminals from the right-click menu on tray - 2.5.4: . Major code changes: now, event-based Socket-UNIX (file-based) communication between started terminals and PAC main GUI (better performance, cleaner code!) . Code improvements: now, 0% CPU usage in PAC when idle (before, it was at least 5% or more!) . Added an option to keep every saved session log (by putting '0' -zero- in the "max log files to keep" entry box) . Added "per-terminal" save session log option policies . Added the possibility to use a description for local/remote macros . Added "listen mode" and "view only" mode to VNC connections . Fixed a minor bug regarding the Clusters GUI . Removed the right-click option to "Go to TAB..." (did anybody use that??) . Minor code changes (enhancements) - 2.5.3: . Added the posibility to save more than one screenshot per connection . Also, added a mechanism to purge unused picture files from the screenshots folder . The screenshots zone accepts drag-and-drop of picture files . Modified the screenshots code to save the choosen screenshots with their original size, and for opening them full-sized when 'left-click' over the picture . Possibility to choose the tool to open the "clicked" screenshot (internal built-in gui or external application) . A little modification to the routine that checks for any other PAC process running - 2.5.2: . Added a right-click option for connections to send a 'magic packet' in order to make a "Wake On LAN" test port reachability . Added an option (disabled by default) under "Preferences" to probe server's connection port before connecting . Added an option so auto-save every session log to t user-defined folder . Added an option to put TABs at Top, Bottom, Left or Right side of the tabbed window . Added <Alt><n> to do the same as <Alt><c>: show the connectin window . Added an option to allow only one instance of PAC running at the same time (enabled by default) . Fixed a micro-bug that prevented the BPP rdesktop option from being correctly read from the config file . Modified the "Save" buttons from "Preferences" and "Edit Connection" to save AND close the window - 2.5.1: . Added a right-click option over the "Terminal" to change the TAB title temporarly . Added an option to manually choose the size (width x height) for the RDP sessions . Removed a bug that prevented copying/renaming/moving the "Connections" from the connections treeview (may fault, MY FAULT! :) . Removed a bug that prevented the correct saving of the log file!! . OMG!! Removed a bug that prevented launching a connection using the "Connect" button (among other problems...) . RDP protocol had a bug, which prevented it from being used!! - 2.5: . Added support for RDP (rdesktop and VNC (vncviewer): some people asked me for it; so, here it is! . Global variables in main "Preferences", eg.: write down a password once, use it ANY where, centralizing its modification for faster changes! . Added a righ-click menu entry over terminals to show the list of available connections . Added a new color for "unfocused terminal activity" (*blue* by default) . Revamped "Find..." dialog for terminals: now a textbox appears containing the full output, highlighting when double-clicked the selected matching lines! . Revamped "Preferences" dialog . Added a little icon different for every kind of connection (ssh, telnet, ...) . Fixed a micro-bug that prevented setting the terminal scrollback beyond 19999 (now it is up to 99999 but, really, *don't use that much of scrollback!!*) . Removed the option to save session log for "local shells" (did not work at all!) . Modified the code for "Save session log", since it did not work before!! - . Added an option to use a Black & White icon in Tray . Added an option to choose the Connected and Disconnected TAB label colours . Added a GUI option to "Forward Agent" on SSH connections . Modified <Ctrl>-<W> to <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<W> keyboard shortcut to close terminal (Gnome-compliant shortcut) . Added <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<Q> keyboard shortcut to close PAC (Gnome-compliant shortcut) . Solved little bug that prevented splitting "Vertically" the "Local Shell" . Little GUI modification for "Preferences" dialog - . Added de abbility to split HORIZONTALLY and VERTICALLY . Added an option on right-click menu on Terminals to allow to reset and clear terminal settings . Added <Ctrl>-<w> keyboard shortcut to close terminal (Gnome-compliant shortcut) . Added a "Close" button to "LOCAL SHELL" tab . Added some missing right-click features for "Local Shell" terminal . Modified the default behaviour of TABs: now they are in the main window by default (for *new* installations!) - . Readded a "Close" button to every TAB . Now, TAB's titles will be RED on disconnected and DARK-GREEN for connected ones (icon has been removed) . Changing a TAB makes the "Environment" and "Connection" update to new focused TAB . Modified the tooltip for the "Advanced Options" entry in SSH config GUI (required use of '"', eg: -o "PreferredAuthentications=password") - . Added "Remote Port Forwarding" SSH options to GUI . GUI modifications to make some 'entry boxes' smaller . Fixed a little regression bug regarding multiple connections selection . Added a couple of password pattern matching localizations (Spanish and German) - . Fixed a bug regarding the Advanced Option
Source: README, updated 2015-11-04