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Please browse the reported bugs/issues for Icarus Verilog at your pleasure. If you think you have found a bug of your own, first browse the existing bugs and feature requests to determine whether your bug has already been reported by someone else. It is far better to expound on an existing bug report then to create a new bug report for the same thing. If you find that your issue matches an existing report, then click on that issue page to get details. You have the option of adding comments to the bug report. Also, you will be able to monitor any existing bug report. If you have convinced yourself that your bug really is unique, then use the Submit link to start the bug submission.

The priority breakdown reflects the priority that the Icarus Verilog development team intends given the nature of the problem. This is how the Icarus Verilog team assigns priority:

3 - minor issues like invalid or missing warnings, spelling fixes, etc.

4 - functionality that is missing, but is not currently needed or can be worked around with code changes,

5 - The catch all for run-of-the-mill bugs, or unreviewed bugs,

6 - an invalid result without a warning that can be worked around; or use this priority for a program crash that is preventing one from using Icarus Verilog,

7 - An invalid result without a warning that cannot be worked around reasonably.

9 - Imminent nuclear death, meteor impact, or hysterical screaming boss.

The "Owner" field is used by the core Icarus Verilog developers to claim a bug report. Somebody may be working on unassigned reports, but when it is assigned then that individual is explicitly stating that they are (intend) to work on it. If you wish to contribute towards fixing a claimed bug report, please coordinate with the claimant.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
772 another possible sensitivity bug? devel open 2010-02-14 2010-03-11 5  
740 Timing checks are not supported. devel open 2009-10-28 2009-10-28 5  
733 VCD or $monitor() can contain changes from unchanged values v0.9 open 2009-10-08 2010-01-02 4  
698 $urandom with seed parameter treats seed as inout devel open 2009-06-19 2014-09-30 5  
681 $monitor, $strobe, etc. can not use complex expressions devel open 2009-04-26 2013-02-08 5  
677 C. assigns with zero delay can create zero width glitches devel open 2009-04-03 2009-04-07 6  
630 Icarus Verilog accepts forward references too liberally devel open 2009-01-23 2012-12-10 4  
626 VHDL Declaring logic in scope type devel open 2009-01-21 2009-01-21 4  
605 Procedural continuous assign or force is only evaluated once devel open 2008-12-22 2014-02-21 5  
582 VHDL functions cannot assign to non-local signals devel open Nick Gasson 2008-11-30 2009-01-25 4  
545 Inertial delays are not supported from VPI devel open 2008-10-27 2009-08-11 4  
495 Unexpected race of modpath "if" expressions (pr1877743.v) devel open 2008-08-24 2009-10-06 6  
493 Path delay expression without parenthesis not supported devel open 2008-08-15 2008-09-13 4  
273 sorry: net delays not supported devel open 2007-07-21 2008-08-22 4  
235 sorry: trireg nets not supported devel open 2007-04-21 2008-08-22 5  
124 No support for configuring a design devel open 2006-12-14 2009-12-29 5  
53 Synthesis fails for user defined functions v0.8 open 2006-06-15 2009-01-27 4  
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