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New Plans in BOXP

I'm announcing an idea that will be welcome for the BOXP audience. It is the service MyBOXP that is nothing more than a solution to the problem of knowing the IP address of those servers that are not behind a public IP. The servers will be connecting to our Web Server at time intervals and they leave their address IP and the last time reported; each user logins in the service and see which of his servers is active. Our Web server is active 24/7, low boxp server traffic need, and it's free!. Easy and Comfortable.... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-12-15

Happy Halloween

This is a great day, I'm preparing the new release of boxp, the beta 8. For this release I'm planning the following tasks:
Modify the configuation variables. We need to improve them to support multiple languages, binary values, encrypted values and plugins that police their variables. (Critical)
Improve the support for multi languages in Plugins and the FrameWork. The lack of support ot unicode could be a limitation.(High)
Client preferences dialog must be completed. This is done now. (High)
Change client workspace format to .ini style. (High)
Complete cli_extend plugin. The ServerList extension should sort the server list; and write the help files. (Medium)
Server should accept only local network connections. (Medium)
small changes as always, new features and bug fixes. ... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-11-01

Beta 7 update and New CliExtend

We're releasing and update for Beta 7, ti comes with two bug fixes and one new feature:

srv_trayicon bug fix:When the BOXP server has more that one connection, trayicon crashes when gets the user name for the connected sockets.
Bogui bug fix: When selects the exit menu command, and there is changes in the workspace, bogui is closed even if the user choices the Cancel option.
Bosrv new feature: If a requested command to the Sever was not found, then send a message and re-query commands, not just forget the request!.
Download the Boxp Beta 7.1: . This update just comes with the compiled files for bogui.exe, srv_trayicon.dll and boxp.exe; so you just need to extract them where you have installed your Beta 7 files.... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-22

Encryption plugins couldn't be published

Bad news guys, the strong encryption plugins (AES, Cast, Serpent, BlowFish and IDEA) can't be published because the free webhosting of GratisWeb (mexico) closed my account (haven't logged in in many months).

Now I'm looking where host the plugins. If anyone can contribute will be welcome. But remeber that the Strong Encryption plugins can't be exported from US or Europe....


Javier Aroche

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-13

BOXP Beta 7 Released

Hi everyone,

After 10 months with out a release we got ready one: BOXP Beta 7 is now avaliable. There is a lot of changes, but the most important are:

* Preferences dialog box created inside a property sheet.
* FrameWork saves and loads plugins from their relative path to the working path.
* BOGUI could find servers in the workspace.
* Better CPU detection in 'System - Get System Info' command. The new changes returns the CPU speed, vendor string and the processor model name.
* srv_rIcqXP was ported by Bendrik to BOXP, now is ready to test it.... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-13

BOXP Site launched again

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago SourceForge, our project host, made changes in their Web Servers making that TikiWiki CMS doesn't work anymore, for two weeks the BOXP site was down.

Today I've mounted a new CMS: Smaug, that is one of my php Projects. This is an very simple and small solution as CMS, the Smaug features are few: artitles/news, pages and statistics; no support users or rss feeds for now, but will be added later.... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-07

CVS Repository updated

Afte 2 months, we have new features in BOXP. Some of these new features are:

*A new preferences dialog, now it uses a Property sheet dialog and the plugins can add their own pages, so get all configurations in one place.
*srv_interface: The keylogging thread prints the start and stop time-date in the log file.
*srv_stealth: Process hide procedure completed for Win9x & Win NT.
*Trayicon changes to allow to the plugins a install their own TrayIcon commands, using a style like BOGUI.

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-02-07

BOXP Beta 6 Released

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-11-07

Development status

Hi everyone,

I have started to prepare a new release of boxp: beta 6. This beta release have important changes, some of them are:

1. BO2K 1-3 moved out of BO2K project, now is hosted by BOXP Project.
2. Product name changed: now named BOXP.
3. Logo changed, now with BOXP Project Logo. Image logo is more small so bogui, bocfg and srv_trayicon lost ~ 20KB.
4. srv_sytem changes: 'GetSystemInfo' now uses the GetDiskFreeSpaceEx? API to get the rigth values of the free bytes and total bytes of the fixed volumes. Also have Also have been improved the detection of the Windows version in which the server is executed.
5. cli_extend changes: Added context menu in the TreeView? Control. If the item is a server, allows to edit settings, delete and conect/disconect. If the item is a category, allows to edit category and delete it.
6. BOGUI changes: bogui can open workspaces passed in the command line arguments as: bogui.exe -f:drive:\path\filename.bow. Also allows to set the Encryption key in the Interactive Connect/Listen Dialog box. The logo image in the About DialogBox? was changed, this version looks better. Client commands prototype changed, now supports to pass a custom data values and a SERVER_INFO structure to use as default socket, ServerDialog haves a ToolBar to have an shortcut of the plugins commands. And finally Bug fix saving the last workspace used. (Reported by: Drizt). ... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-10-22

BOXP CVS Repository Updated

All the BOXP source code files have been added and commited in to the CVS Repository. You can browse in to the Repository at:

The following modules are stored in the Repository:

* auth_marsala (under developement)
* auth_null
* bocfg (under active developement)
* bogui (under active developement)
* boxp (under active developement)
* cli_extend
* cli_reverser
* enc_null
* io_tcp
* io_udp
* misc_bopeep
* srv_control
* srv_file
* srv_interface
* srv_registry
* srv_reverser
* srv_sample
* srv_stealth (under developement)
* srv_system
* srv_trayicon
* srv_winman ... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-09-11

BOXP Site lauched

The BOXP Team will use TikiWiki as Content Engine, to have the best of the behind us, but still we have some pages that need to add, link pages, update some areas, and create "The BO Archives".

We are select use TikiWiki because:

* want to have our content updated.
* want to have a lots of feedback.
* and is a nice style!.

Javier Aroche

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-08-30

Project Start-up

Back Orifice XP Project registred by j_aroche.

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-07-28