BOXP Site launched again

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago SourceForge, our project host, made changes in their Web Servers making that TikiWiki CMS doesn't work anymore, for two weeks the BOXP site was down.

Today I've mounted a new CMS: Smaug, that is one of my php Projects. This is an very simple and small solution as CMS, the Smaug features are few: artitles/news, pages and statistics; no support users or rss feeds for now, but will be added later.

The BOXP Site is almost remounted in the new CMS, some pages still are missing... will be added in this week. The BOXP Beta 7 also will be released in these days (finally!), if you can't wait the Beta 7 sources are in the CVS Repository.

In the next days, I'll post the rest of the news in this project.

Javier Aroche
BOXP Project Administrator

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-07