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Hi everyone,

I have started to prepare a new release of boxp: beta 6. This beta release have important changes, some of them are:

1. BO2K 1-3 moved out of BO2K project, now is hosted by BOXP Project.
2. Product name changed: now named BOXP.
3. Logo changed, now with BOXP Project Logo. Image logo is more small so bogui, bocfg and srv_trayicon lost ~ 20KB.
4. srv_sytem changes: 'GetSystemInfo' now uses the GetDiskFreeSpaceEx? API to get the rigth values of the free bytes and total bytes of the fixed volumes. Also have Also have been improved the detection of the Windows version in which the server is executed.
5. cli_extend changes: Added context menu in the TreeView? Control. If the item is a server, allows to edit settings, delete and conect/disconect. If the item is a category, allows to edit category and delete it.
6. BOGUI changes: bogui can open workspaces passed in the command line arguments as: bogui.exe -f:drive:\path\filename.bow. Also allows to set the Encryption key in the Interactive Connect/Listen Dialog box. The logo image in the About DialogBox? was changed, this version looks better. Client commands prototype changed, now supports to pass a custom data values and a SERVER_INFO structure to use as default socket, ServerDialog haves a ToolBar to have an shortcut of the plugins commands. And finally Bug fix saving the last workspace used. (Reported by: Drizt).

* For a detailed list of changes see the changelog.txt file.
* The Release date of Beta 6 is: Saturday 06 of November 2004.
* The Last CVS snapshot avaliable at:

This project have a lots of task to do, and as I can't do everythings alone :-(, I have published a new section on this site: The Jobs. In this section I included some tasks so you can help me with: ideas, writing code, giving support for betas, jokes?, anything!. An important task in the Jobs is: Redesign the Config Tool, the idea is create a full new server configuration tool friendly and easy to use... becuause the actual tool is wrong, don't aid to do the things easy.

Check the list of tasks at:

Hands on!

Javier Aroche
BOXP Project Adminstrator.
j_aroche AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net

Posted by Javier Aroche 2004-10-22

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