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Beta 7 update and New CliExtend

We're releasing and update for Beta 7, ti comes with two bug fixes and one new feature:

srv_trayicon bug fix:When the BOXP server has more that one connection, trayicon crashes when gets the user name for the connected sockets.
Bogui bug fix: When selects the exit menu command, and there is changes in the workspace, bogui is closed even if the user choices the Cancel option.
Bosrv new feature: If a requested command to the Sever was not found, then send a message and re-query commands, not just forget the request!.
Download the Boxp Beta 7.1: . This update just comes with the compiled files for bogui.exe, srv_trayicon.dll and boxp.exe; so you just need to extract them where you have installed your Beta 7 files.

There is a new release of CliExtend, the version 0.93. The changes are:
Bug Fix: The Background color of the ServerList isn't repainted when a window in from of this is minimized. WM_ERASEBKGND message disabled.
Bug Fix: If the MainFrame isn't maximized at the install of ServerList it's placed in a wrong position.
New Feature: Trayicon Inteface working now. Hides MainFrame when it's minimized. On left click shows the MainFrame. On right click shows the context menu.
Download CliExtend 0.93:

Javier Aroche
BOXP Admin & Developer.

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-09-22

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