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Hey folks! We announced the winners of the 2007 Community Choice Awards last Thursday at our party during OSCON. You can see who won at the CCA page. As the official tallier of votes, I send my warmest congratulations to winning projects and finalists alike.

The race was very close, and there weren’t any losers. Just, um, bigger and more spectacular winners! Read on for a play-by-play of the party, including videos.

The party itself was a lot of fun! Food and drinks were plentiful and we interrupted the party just often enough to take care of the business of announcing winners. Because open source software is beneficial to us all, we decided to do something special for everyone at the party in honor of each of the winning projects. The quintessential, thoroughly unique, pine-scented and patent-protected Robin Miller was on hand to capture the madness, and his video is linked to the right. You can also read his party report at

6:45p: For Best Technical Design (7-Zip), Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins (phpMyAdmin), and Best New Project (eMule and Launchy), bartenders began service of a very special drink (with a nifty orange glowy swizzle stick) that we named the “Bar Coder”. We all raised our bright orange glasses in honor of our three new winners. Or, more accurately, we continued consuming the drinks we were already holding and told ourselves to try one of those keen new ones when a thirst next struck.

7:10p: For Best Project for Gamers, Best Project for the Enterprise, and Best Project for Communications, we decided to give $1000 to the charity of each winner’s choice. ScummVM, the winner for Gamers, gave theirs to the EFF, and our Enterprise winner, Firebird, sagely elected the Firebird Foundation to receive their cash. phpBB hasn’t gotten back to me yet, so I just may keep that $1000 for myself. Or maybe not. Update: Heard from phpBB, and their donation will be going to the Marie Curie Cancer Care. And from now on I’ll check my spam folder more thoroughly. 🙂

7:35p: When Audacity won Best Project for Multimedia, we decided it was a great time to announce the release of Podcasting with Audacity, one of the launch titles of the SourceForge Community Press. To celebrate both their victory and book release, we gave everyone a gorgeous blue SourceForge Community Press t-shirt with “We put the FM in RTFM” on the back.

8:00p: To honor TortoiseSVN, our victor in Best Project for Developers, we tracked down Karl Fogel, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Ben Collins-Sussman to be filmed saying a few kind words about TortoiseSVN. You can see the video by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.

8:25p: For Best User Support (Firebird) and Most Collaborative Project (Azureus), we gave out the magical and amazing Button of Destruction. This USB device, handsomely branded with our new logo, glows seductively as it prevents unwanted grime and dust from entering your precious USB ports. Or, at least, that’s what we think it does. Only one thing is for sure: it was either this thing or a bunch of USB memory sticks, and we all have enough USB memory sticks.

8:50p: For the final presentation of the evening, Best Project (7-Zip), we raffled off an iPhone. Not just an iPhone, but an 8GB iPhone and a shirt that says “I stood in line like a loser on June 29th to get this fantastic iPhone” or something like that. I, in fact, was that loser. I did it all for you. (In my defense…there could have been a shortage, right? Like with the Wii?)

When we weren’t showing our CCA presentation on the plasmas and LCD screens throughout the party area, we used them to show the list of finalists in each category…through the use of 11 distinct programming languages. It was neat! To see how I haven’t completely forgotten how to program, check out this video: [ogg theora] [flash]

Thanks go out to everyone who attended the party!

See you all next year,
Ross (the Community Guy)

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