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OSCON 2017 Raffle Winner!

Ryan Oshima of Tysons Corner, VA is the lucky winner of the SourceForge laptop raffle at OSCON’17. Danci Miles, who normally handles paychecks at SourceForge HQ selected his entry from among the entrants after submission closed. Congratulations to Ryan!

Says Ryan: “That’s awesome!!!” We are happy to have made his day, the laptop is on the way.

Thanks to everyone who entered and joined us at OSCON 2017. See you next year!



Announcing the Fifteenth Annual Southern California Linux Expo, SCALE 15X

It’s time once again for open source aficionados to gather and take the open source movement to greater heights in this year’s Southern California Linux Expo, SCALE 15X. To be held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California from March 2-5, 2017, it’s set to be the biggest SCALE yet with several featured speakers, over 40 exhibitors, special events and covering numerous specialized tracks.

Among the featured speakers are Red Hat Community Team Lead Stormy Peters; Paypal Head of Open Source Danese Cooper alongside Paypal OSS Programs Evangelist Duane O’Brien; and Tejun Heo, Software Engineer at Facebook Inc. Several other speakers will also be present covering a range of topics from open source in enterprises, open data and security; to open source licensing, mentoring and the views of next generation open source community leaders.

Included in the expo will be several special events such as the 7th Annual DevOpsDay LA, a single-day event aimed at improving the interaction and integration between the traditional silos of Development and Operations. There are also Open Infrastructure Day; the UbuCon Summit, which covers topics relevant to the Ubuntu community; and UpSCALE, a series of fast-paced, enlightening talks in the style of Ignite presentations. Interested speakers are still welcome to submit their proposals.

Register now for the largest open-source event in North America– SCALE 15x. To register and know more about SCALE 15x, visit their website,

SourceForge Hosted Projects to Participate in This Year’s Google Summer of Code

It’s an exciting time for open source as once again, Google Summer of Code brings together numerous open source organizations and students from all over the world. Google Summer of Code is an annual program that introduces students to open source software development through the course of the summer. Each student is paired with a mentor organization, and we’re proud to report that among the 180 open source projects chosen to be mentors this year, many of them are also SourceForge projects. These include but are not limited to:

ArchC – an architecture description language based on SystemC
Ascend – equation solving software for engineering system modeling
Blender – a free/open source 3D creation software
BRL-CAD – a powerful cross-platform constructive solid modeling system
Chapel – an emerging parallel programming language
Civicrm – web-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software for non-profit and other civic-sector organizations
Gambit – software for analysis of game theory models
ModSecurity – an Open Sourced Web Application Firewall
Moodle – a learning management system designed to create personalized learning environments
MuseScore – free and open source music notation software for Windows, Mac and Linux
OpenCV – Open Source Computer Vision and Machine Learning Library
ScummVM – a cross-platform interpreter for many point-and-click adventure games
Strace – a diagnostic, debugging and instructional system call and signal delivery tracer
SymPy – Computer algebra system in Python
XWiki – generic platform for developing collaborative applications on the wiki paradigm

Also among the roster of mentor organizations is the Apache Software Foundation. This is the community behind Apache Allura, which powers all the developer tools on SourceForge.

The organizations were selected from more than 360 applicants, and over the course of the summer will be aiding students in contributing to open source. We applaud all of these projects for earning their role as mentors and wish them well with their endeavors.

Google Summer of Code will officially commence with mentoring on April 23, 2016. For more information visit

ApacheCon US 2014, Denver, April 7-9 2014

apachecon_denverThe Apache Software Foundation is pleased to announce ApacheCon US 2014, which we’re presenting in conjunction with the Linux Foundation. The conference will be held in Denver, Colorado, and features three days, ten tracks of content on more than 70 of the Apache Software Foundation’s Open Source projects, including Apache OpenOffice, Apache Hadoop, Apache Lucene, and many others.

We’re especially pleased to welcome SourceForge as a media partner for this event.

See ApacheCon website for the full schedule, as well as the evening events, BOFs, Lightning Talks, and project summits.

Co-located with the event is the Cloudstack Collaboration Conference, the best place to learn about Apache CloudStack.

Apache OpenOffice has an entire day of content, including both technical and community talks. (See the agenda for the full list.)

Hadoop, and its ecosystem of Big Data projects, has more than five full days of content (two tracks on two days, one track on the other).

Other projects, such as Cordova, Tomcat, and the Apache http server, have a fully day, or two, of content.

If you want to learn more about Apache Allura (Incubating), an Open Source software forge (and also the code that runs SourceForge) we’ll have two presentations about Allura, by two of the engineers who work on that code: Dave Brondsema and Wayne Witzel. Learn how to use Allura to develop your own projects, and join the community to make the platform even better.

This is the place to come if you rely on any of the projects of the Apache Software Foundation, and if you want to hang out with the men and women who develop them. We’ve been doing this event since 1998, and this promises to be the best one yet, with more content than we’ve ever presented before.

Rich Bowen, Executive Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation and former SourceForge Community Growth Hacker

Announcements: Puerto Rico PIG, ApacheCon NA, CloudStack, & PyCon

We’re really happy to support those growing communities out there; OSS is big, growing, and busy getting it done for all of their groups interested in their work. Here are a few for you to consider today…

Puerto Rico Python Interest Group Celebrates First Anniversary, February 20, 2014

One year ago the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (prPIG) was founded on one purpose; to create a sustainable user community based on software development in Puerto Rico; they are sponsored by the Internet Society through their Community Grant program. On February 20, 2014 prPIG will celebrate their first anniversary with an open format meeting including lightning talks from the community.

During their first year, the Puerto Rico Python user group hosted 18 events, and established an active community online. According to founder Kevin Shockey, “prPIG has successfully established an online network that is helping to sustain our software development user group in Puerto Rico. We’ve gained many new partners and collaborators in our first year. They have really helped us and we look forward to more collaborative opportunities.”

If you live in Puerto Rico or will be there and want to visit, or if you just want to know more about them, visit their homepage:

ApacheCon, North America 2014 – April 7 – 11, 2014 (Denver)

The Apache Foundation has announced their annual conference, ApacheCon, North America 2014, which is being held in conjunction with the Linux Foundation this year. We’ve been watching the organizer traffic since ApacheCon was announced and things are shaping up for an excellent conference this year. If you are looking to attend, the details are all there. Get on it early and beat the rush!

CloudStack Collaboration Conference – April 9 – 11, 2014 (Denver)

You also have a chance to double your fun and learning opportunities; running in parallel at the same location as ApacheCon, is the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, also in conjunction with the LInux Foundation; there is some schedule overlap with ApacheCon, so take advantage of your visit and catch them both. The CloudStack Conference website has a schedule of events so that you can plan accordingly.

PyCon 2014 – April 9 – 17, 2014 (Montreal)

Our developers are looking forward to this year’s PyCon, held in Montreal on the heels of ApacheCon (see above).

What we think makes PyCon different from some conferences is how they are organized; there are tutorials on Apr. 9 & 10, then the body of the conference from Apr. 11 through Apr. 13. Finally, they have sprints from Apr. 14 through the 17th. Check out what PyCon is all about so that you can decide what make the most sense for your professional growth interests.

This is a developers’ conference. If you are looking to learn Python, this would be the place to get started. If you are deep in Python already, this is of course the place to be. Check it out and make your plans now.