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2.0 r2 (May 2015) Executables are unchanged, only functional difference is in one softwarepolicy.ini setting. In this release the option to run browsers and email clients as a specially restricted process is OFF by default. This is the only functional change from 2.0 r1, thus there is no need to update if you have 2.0 r1. 2.0 r1 (Feb 2015) - A recompile of v2.0 with only one minor change to functionality. A few changes to the structure have been made in an attempt to quash the antivirus false positives which v2.0 was being hit with. McAfee GW Edition may still show a false malware detection on the main executable, and there is little we can do about that except raise it with the vendor. The setup program now asks for elevation only once. 2.0 (Dec 2014) - Software Policy was originally intended as 'UAE for XP' but with its evident popularity as an enhancement for Windows 7 and 8's security, several additions have been made in this version for better compatibility with those platforms. This new release is still under development, so we advise testing on a noncritical computer before any rollout. Existing v1.2 installs may be upgraded in-place so long as the policy is Unlocked beofre running the setup. 1.2 (March 2014) Added preset list of execute-disallowed folders under \Windows which may in some circumstances be writable by a limited user. Added DisallowSpecificFolders ini option (0,1,2) to control this. Default: On. (Thanks to Rodolfo Michetti for suggesting this addition)
Source: readme, updated 2015-05-11