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SnpViewer aims to be a simple, easy-to use program that enables the viewing and analysis of Affymetrix SNP array data for autozygosity mapping.

Currently only human genomes hg19/b37 and hg18/b36 are supported. SnpViewer also currently requires input files to be in the birdseed format as produced by Affymetrix Genotyping Console containing the "Chromosome", "Chromosomal Position", "Call Codes", "dbsnp rs id" fields. Support for other formats may be added if there is sufficient demand.

SnpViewer was developed by David A. Parry in spare time. I'm a geneticist/molecular biologist at the University of Leeds with no formal training in programming or computer science but have made this program in the hope that it is useful for people like me who often make use of autozygosity mapping in genetic studies, have fairly simple requirements of their analysis programs and would like to be able to run their program on various different operating systems.

If you find this program useful and use it for a paper please cite the URL https://sourceforge.net/projects/snpviewer/


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