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Installation ============ First bootstrap the source tree: ./init.sh The install using the standard: ./configure make make install The ncurses, pthreads and parted libraries are required for compiling. For any problems, please use the Github page: https://github.com/abeverley/nwipe Andy Beverley RELEASE NOTES ============= v0.16 ===== - Fix problems building with clang compiler (thanks Martijn van Brummelen) v0.15 ===== - Add more detailed information to status page when wiping - Add ability to send SIGUSR1 to print wiping current status to log - Fixed problem with status bar disappearing on narrow windows (Github issue #1) v0.14 ===== - Added explicit check for ncurses (required for Fedora). See bug 3604008. v0.13 ===== - Added nowait option (patch 3601259 - thanks David Shaw). - Added nogui option. - Updated man page and help command for above options and autonuke. - Added pkg-config check for ncurses (patch 3603140 - thanks Alon Bar-Lev). v0.12 ===== - Added ability to specify device on command line (patch 3587144). - Fixed segfault for -p option (patch 3587132). v0.11 ===== - Fixed bug 3568750. Not closing devices after initial scan. v0.10 ===== - Fixed bug 3553851. Not exiting on terminal kill. Fixed for all areas of program including wiping. v0.09 ===== - Added feature #3545971. Display device name. - Added feature #3496858. Option to not perform a final blanking pass. v0.08 ===== - Fixed bug #3501746 whereby "wipe finished" was displayed too early v0.07 ===== - Added threading synchronisation for logging - Fixed bug #3486927 (incorrect Sourceforge URL) v0.06 ===== - Added man page (thanks Michal Ambroz <rebus@seznam.cz>) - Updated GPL licence and FSF address (thanks Michal Ambroz <rebus@seznam.cz>) v0.05 ===== - Added sequence number to disk selection - Added check for ncurses header files in subdir - Fixed screen corruption bug introduced in 0.04 - Fixed occasional seg fault on start - Introduced dynamic array allocation for devices, with no hard limit - Minor updates to configure.ac v0.04 ===== - Removed references to DBAN in options.c - Added log file name option (-l|--logfile) - If no log file specified all messages go to STDOUT - Incorrect success message after an interruption fixed - Improved labelling of disks with no partition table - Added help command - Added version command - Added command 'b' to blank screen during wipe - Compilation needs to include panel library KNOWN BUG - display sometimes becomes corrupted after starting wipe v0.03 ===== - Added quit option label (ctrl-c) - Removed further references to DWIPE - Added GPL V2 licence file (COPYING) v0.02 ===== - Fixed segfault that happened during multiple disk wipes
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