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PassPort by Jeremy Hardin --------------------------------------------------------- Made opensource 30 Dec 2010 https://sourceforge.net/projects/lw-passport/ --------------------------------------------------------- LightWave 9.6 fix and UI update Matt Gorner (28 June 2010) LightWave 10 fix and UI update Matt Gorner (27 December 2010) --------------------------------------------------------- Installing Compiled Version: Place the file 'PassPort_MC.lsc' in your Plugins folder. --------------------------------------------------------- Installing Un-Compiled Version (for development): Download the files in the folder called 'PassPort' (found here) http://lw-passport.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/lw-passport/ Create a folder called PassPort in your Plugins folder and put all of the source files in there. Then change the paths (below) in 'PassPort_MC.ls': @insert "PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTALL/PassPort/passEditor_Interface_Subfuncs.ls" @insert "PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTALL/PassPort/passEditor_render_Subfuncs.ls" @insert "PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTALL/PassPort/passEditor_sceneGen_Subfuncs.ls" @insert "PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTALL/PassPort/passEditor_sceneParse_Subfuncs.ls" To the location where you placed PassPort on your hard drive. --------------------------------------------------------- You will also need to recreate your LWEXT*.cfg / Extension Cache (LW10+ only) files. To do this, delete both from your Config folder and run LightWave. If running v10+ it is adisable to manually scan your plugins also from the 'Edit Plugins' panel.
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