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0.16.16 release

  • add missing add_files overload to the python bindings
  • improve error handling in http gunzip
  • fix debug logging for banning web seeds
  • improve support for de-selected files in full allocation mode
  • fix dht_bootstrap_alert being posted
  • SetFileValidData fix on windows (prevents zero-fill)
  • fix minor lock_files issue on unix

0.16.15 release

  • fix mingw time_t 64 bit issue
  • fix use of SetFileValidData on windows
  • fix crash when using full allocation storage mode
  • improve error_code and error_category support in python bindings
  • fix python binding for external_ip_alert

0.16.14 release

  • make lt_tex more robust against bugs and malicious behavior
  • HTTP chunked encoding fix
  • expose file_granularity flag to python bindings
  • fix DHT memory error
  • change semantics of storage allocation to allocate on first write rather than on startup (behaves better with changing file priorities)
  • fix resend logic in response to uTP SACK messages
  • only act on uTP RST packets with correct ack_nr
  • make uTP errors log in normal log mode (not require verbose)
  • deduplicate web seed entries from torrent files
  • improve error reporting from lazy_decode()
Source: README.rst, updated 2014-03-23