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py-libtorrent-0.14.7 2009-11-19 1111 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.6 2009-09-20 11 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.5 2009-08-09 11 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.4 2009-06-01 11 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.3 2009-04-26 11 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.2 2009-02-20 11 weekly downloads
py-libtorrent-0.14.1 2008-12-04 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-1.0.3.win32.msi 2014-12-07 1.2 MB 4040 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-1.0.0.win32-RC3.msi 2014-06-23 1.2 MB 22 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.16.win32.msi 2014-03-23 1.1 MB 88 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.10.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.8-py33.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 66 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.8-py27.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.7-py33.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.7-py27.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.6.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.1 MB 33 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.6.win32-py33.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.5.win32-py2.6.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.4.win32-py2.6.msi 2014-01-30 983.6 kB 33 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.3.win32.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.1.win32-py2.6.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 22 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.16.0.win32-py2.6.msi 2014-01-30 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
python-libtorrent-0.15.0.win32-py2.6.msi 2010-03-21 1.2 MB 11 weekly downloads

1.0.5 release

  • improve ip_voter to avoid flapping
  • fixed bug when max_peerlist_size was set to 0
  • fix issues with missing exported symbols when building dll
  • fix division by zero bug in edge case while connecting peers

1.0.4 release

  • fix bug in python binding for file_progress on torrents with no metadata
  • fix assert when removing a connected web seed
  • fix bug in tracker timeout logic
  • switch UPnP post back to HTTP 1.1
  • support conditional DHT get
  • OpenSSL build fixes
  • fix DHT scrape bug

1.0.3 release

  • python binding build fix for boost-1.57.0
  • add --enable-export-all option to configure script, to export all symbols from libtorrent
  • fix if_nametoindex build error on windows
  • handle overlong utf-8 sequences
  • fix link order bug in makefile for python binding
  • fix bug in interest calculation, causing premature disconnects
  • tweak flag_override_resume_data semantics to make more sense (breaks backwards compatibility of edge-cases)
  • improve DHT bootstrapping and periodic refresh
  • improve DHT maintanence performance (by pinging instead of full lookups)
  • fix bug in DHT routing table node-id prefix optimization
  • fix incorrect behavior of flag_use_resume_save_path
  • fix protocol race-condition in super seeding mode
  • support read-only DHT nodes
  • remove unused partial hash DHT lookups
  • remove potentially privacy leaking extension (non-anonymous mode)
  • peer-id connection ordering fix in anonymous mode
  • mingw fixes

1.0.2 release

  • added missing force_proxy to python binding
  • anonymous_mode defaults to false
  • make DHT DOS detection more forgiving to bursts
  • support IPv6 multicast in local service discovery
  • simplify CAS function in DHT put
  • support IPv6 traffic class (via the TOS setting)
  • made uTP re-enter slow-start after time-out
  • fixed uTP upload performance issue
  • fix missing support for DHT put salt

1.0.1 release

  • fix alignment issue in bitfield
  • improved error handling of gzip
  • fixed crash when web seeds redirect
  • fix compiler warnings

1.0 release

  • fix bugs in convert_to/from_native() on windows
  • fix support for web servers not supporting keepalive
  • support storing save_path in resume data
  • don't use full allocation on network drives (on windows)
  • added clear_piece_deadlines() to remove all piece deadlines
  • improve queuing logic of inactive torrents (dont_count_slow_torrents)
  • expose optimistic unchoke logic to plugins
  • fix issue with large UDP packets on windows
  • remove set_ratio() feature
  • improve piece_deadline/streaming
  • honor pieces with priority 7 in sequential download mode
  • simplified building python bindings
  • make ignore_non_routers more forgiving in the case there are no UPnP devices at a known router. Should improve UPnP compatibility.
  • include reason in peer_blocked_alert
  • support magnet links wrapped in .torrent files
  • rate limiter optimization
  • rate limiter overflow fix (for very high limits)
  • non-auto-managed torrents no longer count against the torrent limits
  • handle DHT error responses correctly
  • allow force_announce to only affect a single tracker
  • add moving_storage field to torrent_status
  • expose UPnP and NAT-PMP mapping in session object
  • DHT refactoring and support for storing arbitrary data with put and get
  • support building on android
  • improved support for web seeds that don't support keep-alive
  • improve DHT routing table to return better nodes (lower RTT and closer to target)
  • don't use pointers to resume_data and file_priorities in add_torrent_params
  • allow moving files to absolute paths, out of the download directory
  • make move_storage more generic to allow both overwriting files as well as taking existing ones
  • fix choking issue at high upload rates
  • optimized rate limiter
  • make disk cache pool allocator configurable
  • fix library ABI to not depend on logging being enabled
  • use hex encoding instead of base32 in create_magnet_uri
  • include name, save_path and torrent_file in torrent_status, for improved performance
  • separate anonymous mode and force-proxy mode, and tighten it up a bit
  • add per-tracker scrape information to announce_entry
  • report errors in read_piece_alert
  • DHT memory optimization
  • improve DHT lookup speed
  • improve support for windows XP and earlier
  • introduce global connection priority for improved swarm performance
  • make files deleted alert non-discardable
  • make built-in sha functions not conflict with libcrypto
  • improve web seed hash failure case
  • improve DHT lookup times
  • uTP path MTU discovery improvements
  • optimized the torrent creator optimizer to scale significantly better with more files
  • fix uTP edge case where udp socket buffer fills up
  • fix nagle implementation in uTP
  • fix bug in error handling in protocol encryption
Source: README.rst, updated 2015-05-12