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jumpdbqplugin-1.1.0 2014-11-08 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-1.0.0 2014-02-06 55 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.9.0 2013-05-27 22 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.8.2 2013-04-22 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.8.1 2013-03-24 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.8.0 2011-11-26 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.7.3 2010-10-06 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.7.2 2010-06-27 22 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.7.1 2010-01-20 22 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.7.0 2010-01-19 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.6.0 2007-09-19 11 weekly downloads
jumpdbqplugin-0.5.2 2007-08-23 0
jumpdbplugin-0.5.1 2007-08-19 0
jumpdbplugin-0.5 2007-08-15 11 weekly downloads
Release 1.1.0 ------------- Using new 3.8.6 SQLite JDBC driver Release 1.0.0 ------------- Package now contains all supported JDBC drivers, with the exception of Oracle. Now includes support for Geopackage geometries using the spatialite/sqlite driver. Release 0.9.0 ------------- Plugin location moved from tools menu to File menu. Added internationalization for Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. Release 0.8.2 ------------- Various packaging changes to fit better with OpenJump Plus * Switched licensing from LGP to GPLV3. * Plugin now centers in Workbench window * Added title to plugin frame Release 0.8.1 ------------- Added ability to load Spatialite extensions by appending location of Spatialite DLL/SO to JDBC URL. Release 0.8.0 ------------- Several nice enhancements from Nicolas Ribot: * Query dialog doesn't disappear after you submit query * Status bar * Syntax highlighting for SQL. * Ability to cancel in-progress query (PostGIS only) * Query history. Double click query in history area to move it to the query area. * Refresh layer - refreshes data in currently select query without creating a new layer. Bugs fixed: * Updated MySQL geometry loading to take advantage of patch for bug http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=34194. * Made error message more user-friendly when PostGIS driver was included.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2014-11-08