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IdeaTorrent enabled


Hosted Apps/IdeaTorrent has been enabled for the YAJSW project.
Please use this instead Tracker/Feature Requests.

-- ron

Posted by rzo 2009-11-22

YAJSW alpha-9.4 released

This is mainly a bug release.
New feature is the ability to enter passwords through the console or system tray icon.

Posted by rzo 2009-09-19

YAJSW alpha 9.3 Released

yajsw-alpha-9.3 has been released.
this release solves some issues with remote network loading and with system tray icon.

Posted by rzo 2009-08-29

YAJSW - Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - 0.9.2 released

yajsw-alpha-9.2 has been released.
This is mainly a bug release

Posted by rzo 2009-08-20

yajsw-apha-9.1 released

yajsw-alpha-9.1 July 28 2009

* Bug: vfs-snapshot, configuration-snapshot jars built with jdk 1.6 instead of jdk 1.5
* Bug: [2828484]

Posted by rzo 2009-07-28

YAJSW - alpha 9.0 released

* New: enable platform dependent includes: include=${<system-prop>}.x.conf
* New: wrapper.restart.reload_configuration
* New: Experimental: support jnlp similar configuration: wrapper.codebase, wrapper.cache, wrapper.cache.local, wrapper.resource.<n>
* New: Support JNLP configuration
* New: support remote configuration file
* New: wrapper.startup.delay
* Bug: Windows: Handle leak on native application restart
* Bug: genConfig throws Exception when java command contains main args
* Bug: ubuntu 9.04-x86 crash in
* Bug: when wrapper.control = TIGHT, do not stop application on JVMMain.WRAPPER_MANAGER.restart()
* Bug: Windows: service requires long time to stop, since alpha-8.4
* Bug: Windows bat files
* Bug: Posix shell scripts
* Bug: Linux daemon script generation
* Change: genConfig: service name of java application: console title or main class name.

Posted by rzo 2009-07-28

YAJSW alpha-8.0 released

YAJSW makes installing windows services or posix daemons easy.

The current release is stable on win32, win64, Linux32 and Linux64.

This is an alpha release for FreeBSD32, FreeBSD64, Solaris 32, Mac Os X

Posted by rzo 2009-04-11

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Alpha 7.1 released

YAJSW wraps java or applications as daemons or services. The current release is a bug release and an initial release for solaris.

Posted by rzo 2009-03-22

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Alpha 7.0 released

YAJSW enables one to wrap native, java or groovy applications. The configuration is platform independent. The wrapper monitors the application.
The current release is a beta release for win64. It is an alpha release for MacOsX.

Posted by rzo 2009-02-28

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Release Alpha-6.0

With this release installing Daemons on Linux is as easy as installing services on windows.

New in this release:
Support for system tray icon
Wrap groovy Scripts as services or daemons
Support for RunAs / sudo

Posted by rzo 2009-01-05

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Release Alpha-5.0

New in this release are condition scripts and support for Linux Daemons.

Features of YAJSW

* Wrap any executable or java process and run it as application windows service or daemon
* Platform independent configuration
* Wild card for classpath directories and files
* Capture console output, log it, trigger scripts or restart process on output matching regular expressions
* Monitor and automatically restart hanging or crashed proceses
* Trigger process execution and termination at specific cycles, times or conditions
* Embed the wrapper within java applications
* Easier to use and more powerful then java.lang.Runtime.exec()

Posted by rzo 2008-12-21

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper alpha-4.0 released

New in this release is the configuration generator for generating configuration files for a given process id.

Posted by rzo 2008-11-16

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Release Alpha-3.0

YAJSW Alpha 3.0 has been released.
This release is stable for win32 and win64 (wow64)
This is the initial release for Linux.
YAJSW now enables you to wrap arbitrary executables.

Posted by rzo 2008-11-02

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Release Alpha-2.0

new Features:

* Regular Expressions Filters
* Groovy and Shell Script actions
* Sample Groovy script for sending emails
* Job Scheduling with Quartz
* Windows services now bug free
* -Xrs is inherited to sub-processes if running as service
* Cpu affinity and process priority
* Automatic JVM selection
* Separate class loading for YAJSW libraries and for JVM Application

Posted by rzo 2008-08-10

Yet Another Java Service Wrapper Intial Release

YAJSW is a more java-ish implementation of the java service wrapper by tanuki (JSWP). (
It aims at being mostly configuration compliant with the original.

JSWP is a wonderful software I have been using for some time in production. So why yet another framework ?

The main reason is that I need a better integration within my java job scheduling framework (rzomx)
As of the next version the license of JSWP will change making it impossible for me to use it in rzomx
I may need win64 support, which is currently not available or not free for JSWP.... read more

Posted by rzo 2008-04-14