yajsw-beta-10.5 release


This release is dedicated to "My Blind Tunes"[https://market.android.com/details?id=com.andblind.tunes], my kids' first android app. Please support them by downloading the app and if you like it by giving them 5 stars rating. Thanks !

New: logging format: added 'N' option -> display application name.
New: one wrapper/service multiple processes: java -jar wrapper.jar -c conf/p1.conf conf/p2.conf. Service name is taken from the first configuration.
New: maxStartup.gv sample script to check that application reports startup within a timeout by printing a "started" messasge on the console.
New: sample for running eclipse equinox OSGI server with clean shutdown
New: maxDuration.gv sample script for checking that an application does not run longer than a given duration
New: gradle build script for yajsw
Change: Default logging format: LPNTM
Change: ahessian and srvmgr now in separate jars.
Change: reworked logging.
Change: reworked windows Cluster.java and Pdh.java
Change: reworked FileUtils moved windows specific code to os.ms.win32 package
Change: newest groovy and netty releases.
Bug: Windows 2008 handling of user credentials in service
Bug: groovy script initialization may cause memory leak if process is restarted often
Bug: Windows: Windows Services manager reports error when service stops
Bug: Environment variables are not set in application
Bug: Linux: GenConfig: command line max 1024
Bug: Remove shutdown hooks to avoid memory leaks
Bug: In case wrapper.jar.app.jar is set, add the jar to the classpath

Posted by rzo 2011-03-06