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yajsw-beta-10.10 released

Bug: genConfig: error parsing jvm options.
Bug: process may not restart, if application start fails after first restart
Bug: tray icon: possible port leak if connection fails.
Bug: tray icon: multicast discovery: may cause message flood if running on multiple computers in a network
Bug: windows: install service: bad java exe
Bug: application not started on linux: new property: wrapper.fork_hack
Bug: Linux: application restarts every 25 days.
Change: tray icon: windows: close popup menue on mouse click. note: java implements this only with awt, not with swing -> using jna to listen to mouse events outside java. If anyone knows how to implement this for linux, pls let me know.
Change: split ahessian.jar -> ahessian.jar, hessian4.jar in future these may be extracted to a separate project.
Change: AbstractWrappedProcess: remove synchronized from stop(), so we can stop a process while it is restarting/starting.
New: added authentication to sendMail script.
New: windows: UAC support: WrapperExe: if required, elevate process for service start, stop, install, remove.
New: windows: support service installation with delayed autostart: wrapper.ntservice.starttype=DELAYED_AUTO_START
New: tray icon: property wrapper.tray.look_and_feel = <L&F full class name>
New: tray icon: display virtual and private memory.

Posted by rzo 2011-10-15