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SemanticScuttle 0.98.5 released

I've just released SemanticScuttle 0.98.5. It's a small bugfix release
with no new features:

  • Fix bug #109: preserve privacy setting from Delicious export files (Thanks to David Glenck)
  • Fix bug #110: Document solution for "searching slashes"
  • Fix bug #111: Comments in config.php mention *.inc.php files (José María Mateos [rinze])
  • Fix bug: Do not use eregi functions anymore
Posted by Christian Weiske 2013-03-20 Labels: release

SemanticScuttle 0.98.4 released

SemanticScuttle in version 0.98.4 - a major bugfix release - is out.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Fix bug #3439729: URLs were escaped too often in bookmark list
  • Fix bug: Subtitle was not escaped
  • Fix bug #3388219: Incorrect URL when cancelling tag2tag-actions
  • Fix bug #3393951: Logo images missing on bookmark page
  • Fix bug #3399815: PHP error in opensearch API in 0.98.3
  • Fix bug #3407728: Can't delete users from admin page
  • Fix bug #3431742: open_basedir problems with /etc/ config files
  • Fix bug #3436624: Wrong URL for Delicious API when importing
  • Fix bug #3463481: RSS feed show warnings in
  • Fix bug #3384416: Use URL with protocol in bookmarklet
  • Fix bug: Invalid HTML when website thumbnails are activated
  • Fix bug #3413459: Thumbnails not in one line
  • Fix bug #3468293: Delicious import does not preserve private links
  • Fix bug #3396727: Title of not loaded
  • Fix bug #3111254: getIdFromUser() always returns an integer now (part
  • Implement request #3403609: fr_CA translation update
  • Implement patch #3476011: PostgreSQL tables can not be initialized
    (Frédéric Fauberteau [triaxx])... read more
Posted by Christian Weiske 2012-01-21

SemanticScuttle 0.98.3 released

The script that to fix the system:unfiled bookmark tags was missing in
the .zip release of SemanticScuttle 0.98.2, so I had to make a new
version 0.98.3 which definitively contains it.

If you installed the PEAR package, you did get the script - no need to
upgrade (and there isn't a 0.98.3 PEAR package because of that).

Get the file from
> ... read more

Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-08-09

SemanticScuttle 0.98.2 is there!

Hello fellow bookmarkers,

Version 0.98.2 of SemanticScuttle is out.
It contains a handful of bugfixes users reported on 0.98.1:
- Fix bug #3385724: Rename tag ends with XML Parsing Error
- Fix bug #3386178: "system:unfiled" secret tag does not work
- Fix bug #3384416: Update documentation to explain HTTP/HTTPS root
- Fix bug #3382126: Linked tags does not work for tags with spaces
- Fix delicious API help page link... read more

Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-08-08

SemanticScuttle 0.98.1 is out

It contains a handful of bugfixes users reported on 0.98.0:

  • Fix bug #3375635: XML parsing problem in
  • Fix bug #3375428: Forgot to remove some old dojo files
  • Fix bug #3160512: Make SemanticScuttle work with FastCGI
  • Fix bug #3376618: Broken tag completion for private bookmarks

Get the files from

or upgrade via pear:
$ pear upgrade sc/semanticscuttle-beta

Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-08-01

SemanticScuttle 0.98 is out

Your own self-hosted online bookmark manager got a bunch of new features, as well as fixes for some nagging bugs.
We're using jQuery now, have private RSS feed keys, configurable default privacy settings and theming support.

Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-07-23

SemanticScuttle demo installation available

SemanticScuttle, you personal web-based social bookmark manager, has a public demo installation now: Visit to try it.

Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-05-06

SemanticScuttle 0.97.2 is out

SemanticScuttle - your own bookmark manager - has just been released in version 0.97.2. This release is
a bugfix release that repairs some problems in SemanticScuttle 0.97.1:

  • Fix bug #3178597: Broken link to context in gsearch admin index page
  • Fix bug #3074816: French translation breaks edit javascript
    This also fixes #3094047 and #3178592
  • Fix bug #3111254: Search in my_watchlist results in error
  • Fix bug #3073215: Updating bookmark time does not work
  • Fix bug #3065284: AjaxVote problem with Webkit browsers
  • Make Unittests run with phpunit 3.5.x
Posted by Christian Weiske 2011-02-16

Security release of SemanticScuttle 0.97.1

Hello fellow bookmarkers,

Some minutes ago, I released SemanticScuttle version 0.97.1 which fixes a critical security issue related to deleting posts via the
delicious-compatible API.

Please update your installations as soon as possible, since a malicious
attacker might empty your database.

Downloads are available at:

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-09-29

SemanticScuttle PEAR channel available

SemanticScuttle is now available via its own PEAR channel.
With it, you can install and upgrade the app to the latest version with a single command on the shell.

See for more information.

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-08-22

SemanticScuttle 0.97 is out!

SemanticScuttle - your own social bookmark manager - has been released in version 0.97!

It features great performance improvements and a new russian translation. The french translation has been fixed.

Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-06-09

SemanticScuttle 0.96.1

Unfortunately, version 0.96.0 contained a bug that prevented all API methods (including the ajax apis) to work. The bugfix release 0.96.1 fixes that issue. Sorry!

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-02-09

SemanticScuttle 0.96 released!

SemanticScuttle - your own social bookmark manager - version 0.96.0 is out! It fixes a bunch of bugs and provides some exciting new features:
- External authentication: You can use LDAP or any other user database with SemanticScuttle!
- Zeroconf support through export of Avahi config files
- More configuration options for RSS feeds

Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-02-08

Security release of SemanticScuttle 0.95.2

SemanticScuttle, your social bookmark manager, has been released in version 0.95.2 and 0.94.2. The new versions fix some nasty security bugs in the tagging that allowed SQL injections.
Please update your installations as soon as possible, since a malicious
attacker might destroy or modify your database.

Posted by Christian Weiske 2010-01-17

SemanticScuttle 0.95.1 released!

Some days after the release, Jean-Luc found a bug that prevented menu2 to work. Version 0.95.1 fixes this issue.

Posted by Christian Weiske 2009-11-16

SemanticScuttle 0.95 released!

Just a few minutes ago, SemanticScuttle version 0.95 has been released!
It mainly features the new voting system and the new directory layout.

Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Christian Weiske 2009-11-13

New release v0.94.1 (with security fixes)

SemanticScuttle will now have a branches development.
Version 0.XX for releases with new features.
Version 0.XX.YY for releases with bug and security fixes. Easier to update. So this version 0.94.1 corrects bugs and security fixes.

This means that SemanticScuttle is used by more and more people, and that Christian Weiske, new contributor on the project, is more and more implied.

Thanks to all.

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2009-11-03

New version and thanks everybody.

This version doesn't include real new feature. However, it is an important version because most of the work comes from users sending bugs and patches. A special "thanks" to Christian Weiske who totally managed this version.

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2009-10-02

New documentation

SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool for small communities. It includes original features like structured tags or collaborative description of tags. But as a growing project, documentation is not always up-to-date.

However, here is a wonderful presentation of the project (start using the tool or tuning it up): (24 pages by Jan Seifert)... read more

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2009-07-18

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.92

A new version with big changes like tables in UTF-8 allowing better search (with regards to accents and case) but mainly with many little changes into the interface making the browsering easier and easier. Bugs into IE browser have been corrected, clean URL (url rewriting) are back, page titles are improved and so on.

We are particularly proud of this version. We hope you will like all these improvements. :o)

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2009-02-11

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.91

New Year, new version of SemanticScuttle (a social bookmarking tool exploring semantic features).

This version provides few new features like a dynamic tree of tags (thanks to DOJO toolkit), a url checker (in admin section) and a way to add anchors in description (anchors allow structured descriptions). But in backend, changes are more important with code refactoring (object oriented improvement and a new cache feature for inference between tags).... read more

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2009-01-05

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.90

new release of SemanticScuttle (exploring semantic bookmarking tool).

This release provides a first integration with DOJO toolkit ( promising exciting AJAX interfaces and provides many security improvements.

All changes:
* Bug fix: correct XSS problems (prevent username with non-alphanumeric characters, protect profile page)
* Bug fix: protect parameters changes in profile.php (checking current user corresponding to profile page)
* Bug fix: test username's length (max 25) when registering (preventing problem with database
* Interface fix: hide SemanticScuttle version for non-admin (preventing some crackers' scripts)
* Bug fix: correct artviper (website thumbnails) identification [Config modified]
* New feature: basic Ajax suggestion for tags and implementation of Dojo toolkit
* New feature: add users admin page (Thank you Arakel, Andreas Jaggi and Takuya Misawa)
* Bug fix: hide warning message due to gettext file (Thanks Arakel)
* Bug fix: correct renametag functions (Thank you Arakel and Andreas)
* Translation: add fr_CA translation (Thanks Pierre Lachance)

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-11-14

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.89

Hi everyone,

SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool exploring new possibilities as enriched tags (called linked or structured tags).

The main improvements of this new version are:
menu tags (tags which are included into the 'menu' tag and thus which appear on the main page)
connexion with Google Custom Search Engine which allows to use the Google Engine to look into your SemanticScuttle bookmarks ( read more

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-06-05

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.88

SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool (like but exploring advanced features like structured tags.

The main change of this release is the possibility to preview websites through thumbnails (thanks to

All the changes:
Interface design: display SemanticScuttle version number on "about" page
Bug fix: allow clean urls thanks to .htaccess
New feature: add website preview/thumbnail (based on [Config file modified]
Interface fix: add About link for logged users
Interface fix: hide 'structured box' when no linked tags
Interface fix: make more consistent the general navigation between personal and common spaces
Interface fix: add a link to last editor profile in common description. Moreover, don't count a change if a user saves with no modifications.
Bug fixes: prevent from adding special characters (like " or ') into tags
* Upgrade: from Scuttle 0.7.2 to SemanticScuttle 0.87.

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-03-12

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.87

SemanticScuttle is a socialbookmarking tool exploring experimental features.

This new version brings two major features to SemanticScuttle:
1) You can now create a synonym link between tags. For example, by linking the tags "monument" and "monuments", you can find resources tagged with the first one when you navigate through the second one. More important, this link works with the inclusion link already implemented.
2) Users can create commune descriptions for tags and bookmarks. In a small community, the idea is to bring gradually people to work together (if they want it). From a research perspective, we explore the bridge between individual actions (easy to do) and collaborative ones (more difficult but more powerful).... read more

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-02-14