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#5 lightning moduel units

victor rodriguez

Hi, I'd been using the lightning module to explore for radiation on Baja California Península, México and my results as I can see becane me as a kind of frustrate. Here the details. I ran the module on a 64 bits systems so the memory for my region is not a problem. I use a 5 thousand points as intersect to extract values from grids and the resultas are not clear to me, specially for the units. Direct insolation, Diffuse and ratio, as I can see and read, are correct, kW/h/m2 day, Sunrise are correct because of the time the sunlight arise on the horizon. But the problem is for the insolation time, which I assume to be the daylength in hours and sunset time. Here the descriptive statistics for the 5000 sample points: Duration of Insolation (daylight (h)), 224.57, 124.17, 245.5, 202.96, 240.6, 15.177, -1.080 --Mean, Min, Max, Percentile 10th, Percentile 90th, StdDev, Skewness, respectiveley---. I must to pint out that the region is a tropical desert so the number for the daylength has no sense for me because I interpret the results as 224.57 h of light on a period of 9 months ¡ Thats the contradiction, unless that my interpretation of the results are completely wrong. For the sunset (h), descriptives result in, 8.936385, 8.123966, 17.50000, 8.500000, 9.000000, 0.661238, 0.070237 --Mean, Min, Max, Percentile 10th, Percentile 90th, StdDev, Skewness, respectiveley---. Thanks in advance