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  • Committed [r2474]

    shapes_grid, contour lines: bug fix and smooth ...

  • Committed [r2473]

    saga_gdi, saga_gui, 3d view settings: bug fixes...

  • Committed [r2468]

    saga_gui, 3d view: allow to save image with dif...

  • Modified ticket #204 on SAGA GIS

    Grid calculus (or saga:rastercalculator in QGIS console) issue

  • Posted a comment on ticket #204 on SAGA GIS

    This is not a bug but a feature. If using grids with different grid systems, values...

  • Committed [r2467]

    grid calculator: added choice option, interpola...

  • Committed [r2466]

    saga_api, csg_grid: bug fix, spline interpolati...

  • Committed [r2465]

    grid_analysis, soil texture classification (fao...

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