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  • Committed [r2544]

    module: import grid from kml/kmz; fix linux bui...

  • Committed [r2542]

    tool added, import grid from kml/kmz

  • Committed [r2541]

    tool chain added: lapse rate based temperature ...

  • Committed [r2540]

    tool chain class, further enhancements

  • Modified ticket #207 on SAGA GIS

    2.2.0 compiling error: required file 'src/modules/simulation/sim_rivflow/' not found

  • Posted a comment on ticket #207 on SAGA GIS

    thank you for reporting. just uploaded a working tarball. please verify so that we...

  • Committed [r2537]

    linux build, fixes compiling error 'sim_rivflow...

  • Committed [r2536]

    saga version updated to 2.2.1

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