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#447 Paged mode that splits up the text into pages

core (195)

Hi, I would like to see this feature - I just saw it introduced in the latest Calibre Release: 0.8.61 [20 Jul, 2012]

E-book viewer: Add a paged mode that splits up the text into pages, like in a paper book instead of presenting it as a single column.

In paged mode, the ebook viewer no longer cuts off the last line of text at the bottom of the screen, and it respects CSS page-break directives.
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As it is now, the visible text may be cut off in the middle of the line at the screen bottom depending on the font size, and it happens to me sometimes when I pres PgDn that the partially visible line gets skipped altogether. But if the text was presented as only the lines that can be completely visible in the text area, it would look neater and might avoid the occasional line skipped.

Regards, tvojeho